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    Ooooo fun! It works great!!!


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    Any thoughts as to why the events are pulling the wrong time?

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    Here’s the login for testing.

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    I still wish it could be resolved as this isn’t going to be the only person that hosts their Enfold site on Dreamhost.

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    Never mind, the client is rebuilding the site using a different theme. She had hoped this could have been something resolved more quickly as she wasn’t able to save anything without trying two or three times.

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    I’m confused, I didn’t send FTP login info, just Dreamhost login info.

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    Well, attached are the WordPress and hosting logins – is that enough/

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    Hey guys,

    So I was hoping you could provide more insight on this issue. The hosting company is pointing to Enfold being the cause of it not saving work. Any other thoughts as to a solution?

    The error just keeps happening internally which could be a high probability of being the culprit:
    Notice: Undefined variable: main_color in
    on line 35
    Notice: Undefined variable: primary in
    on line 48
    Notice: Undefined variable: primary in
    on line 53
    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
    on line 66

    in reply to: ADA compliancy #1089148

    Hey Rikard,

    I’ll post the rest of the accessibility report – I’d be curious if some of these items could be addressed in the next update for Enfold? They’re relatively “minor” but I’m having more and more people come to me quite concerned about whether or not their company will be sued.

    Developer updates

    Add :focus (tab) styling to all links (primarily an issue in the site’s footer)
    Focus styles allow users to easily navigate the site using only their keyboard, which is a must for users who have difficulty using a mouse/trackpad.

    Make sure that all“id” attributes are unique on every page
    Duplicate “id” attributes is a violation of HTML standards, and can cause issues with older screen readers.

    Add appropriate “aria-label” attributes to links that do not have discernible text (primarily for the social media links in the footer)
    Links without discernible text in them cannot be read by screen readers. The solution to this is to use appropriate “aria-labels” to tag all textless links, allowing screen readers to infer their purpose.

    Remove the “maximum-scale=1” attribute from “<meta name=”viewport”>” tag
    The “maximum-scale=1” attribute disallows mobile users from zooming in on your website. Removing this is necessary to allow visually impaired visitors to enlarge any portion of the site when browsing on their phone/tablet.

    Make sure all site content is contained within “landmark” regions (<header>, <nav>, <main>, <footer>)
    Using these landmark tags allows screen readers to clearly understand the split between the site’s high-level sections.

    Ensure that all elements have sufficient color contrast
    Users with poor vision or color blindness are unable to distinguish text against a background without sufficient contrast. Ensuring that the contrast between foreground and background colors meets WCAG 2 AA contrast ratio thresholds is incredibly important for accessibility.

    ARIA hidden element must not contain focusable elements
    The site has a hidden “scroll to top” button that is still focusable via the tab key. A focusable element with aria-hidden=”true” is ignored as part of the reading order, but still part of the focus order, making its state of visible or hidden unclear.
    Guidelines for the client to focus on moving forward

    Make sure that all headings (H1-H6) are contextually appropriate, and ordered correctly
    Screen readers use headings to summarize content sections, allowing non-sighted users to quickly navigate through the site. Ensuring that headings are contextually and semantically valid, as well as used to describe the structure of the page, not just highlight important text, speeds up this process.

    Make sure that heading levels only increase by one (H1 followed by H2, never H1 followed by H4)
    The underlying purpose of headers is to convey the structure of the page. While text size can be used to structure the page for sighted users, the same can not be done for non-sighted/visually impaired users. Only properly structured headings can achieve the same for screen readers, because a screen reader identifies a header only if it is properly marked-up.

    Make sure that all pages contain a top-level H1 tag
    Many of the site’s pages are missing H1 tags. Generally, it’s a best practice to ensure that the beginning of a page’s main content starts with an h1 tag, and also to ensure that the page contains only one h1 element. Screen readers have keyboard shortcuts to navigate directly to the first h1, which, in principle, should allow users to jump directly to the main content of the page. If there is no h1, or if the h1 appears somewhere other than at the start of the main content, screen reader users must listen to more of the page to understand its structure, wasting valuable time.

    Ensure that all inline images have appropriate “alt” tags
    Screen readers have no way of translating an image into words that gets read to the user (even if the image only consists of text). As a result, it’s necessary for images to have short, descriptive alt text so screen reader users clearly understand the image’s contents and purpose.

    in reply to: ADA compliancy #1088450

    That worked perfectly! Thanks!

    in reply to: Change Testimonial Image #1084683

    Hey Jordan,

    Well, to help clarify, I changed the thumbnail size to be 150×100 instead of 80×80 and regenerated all of the image sizes but I didn’t realize the testimonial widget was also pulling that image. You can see further down the page starting with “Anonymous Grandville Center, March 2019” the cropping issue (I updated the image for the first few so the client wouldn’t notice). I need that image to be square instead. How do I go about changing that?

    in reply to: Dreamhost Enfold Update Loads to Page not Found #1083696

    Shoot, I reset that password. I don’t see errors that make sense to me.

    in reply to: Dreamhost Enfold Update Loads to Page not Found #1083131

    Any thoughts on a fix for this issue?

    Please and thanks for any insight into what the issue is.

    in reply to: Dreamhost Enfold Update Loads to Page not Found #1081427

    It was 7.2 and I’ve been trying 7.1 and 7.0 to see if that would help.

    I tried disabling my child theme and deactivated the caching plugin and went through trying to delete any reference to it.

    Activity Log
    Akismet Anti-Spam
    Gravity Forms
    Instagram Feed Pro Personal
    Jetpack by
    Use Any Font
    WP File Manager
    WP Remote
    WP Rocket
    Yoast SEO

    Right now when I go to the homepage it loads continuously until I do a hard refresh a few times and then I have to save it a few times.

    In the File Manager plugin you can see that there is no error log but I added this to the wp-config.php

    define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );
    define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

    So, if you go into the wp-content you can see the debug.log file which has the error logs in there.

    I’m at a loss as to what to do as the client wants to get in there and start making updates to the site and she definitely won’t understand why she has to save the page three times to get edits to save.

    Any help with regard to what I should be asking the host would be greatly appreciated.

    I also have this issue – would you like me to post a new ticket?

    in reply to: Enfold Multisite Error #1065226

    Never mind, the hosting company figured it out.

    in reply to: Typewriter Highlight Color #1062872

    Worked great! Thanks for your help!

    in reply to: Blog Categories not working #1057470

    Okay – it looks like they had had a developer change out the shortcode template because they wanted to change the size of the thumbnails from being a square to the aspect ratio they are using for their blog posts so we’re good now. Thank you.

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    in reply to: Blog Categories not working #1056815

    Sure thing.

    in reply to: Permalinks messed up since site updated #1052052

    Okay, I changed the other landing pages to have a different slug and that fixed them temporarily but it will affect the SEO to change every page url. I kept teaching the same so that you can see the issue.

    in reply to: New version broke my site hack #1049010

    Sooooo – you are helping me out a ton. Now it’s just a bit tweaky – could we make it so when you are hovering over the menu and not JUST on a link that this switch can take place?

    in reply to: New version broke my site hack #1048995

    Yay – this worked fantastically. My only issue now is the three columns columns under spirits expands beyond the page. Is there some helpful CSS I could implement to make each column more narrow?

    in reply to: New version broke my site hack #1048589

    Yeah, I know I’ve got a lot going on trying to center the logo, overlap the content below it, not have the menu below it overlapped, swap it out as you scroll, and make it clickable throughout. It was working for a bit so it feels like I’m missing something small.

    Any insight would be great!

    in reply to: Pagination Messed Up #1040846

    I just set up a redirect as a quick fix.

    in reply to: Pagination Messed Up #1040461

    Any other thoughts? Disabling Jetpack didn’t fix it.

    in reply to: Z-Index Question #1039703

    Thank you so much for your help!

    in reply to: Z-Index Question #1039427

    Please note that when you scroll down the logo changes to a more narrow version. When you are not scrolled down there is a logo that overlaps the section below it and the menu goes under the logo.

    in reply to: Pagination Messed Up #1039399

    I disabled those plugins and it’s still happening.

    in reply to: Pagination Messed Up #1039046

    Sorry, I didn’t get that part. Done.

    in reply to: Z-Index Question #1039041

    When you hover over any of the menu items the sub-menu goes under the logo and makes those links unclickable… I want the drop down links (especially the spirit links) to go over the menu so they are clickable. Does that make sense?

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