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    Just as an experiment- I copied the entire contents of the style.css across to the child theme AND I made the changes to header.php that you kindly suggested but I was still getting formating problems.

    Only when I added the line @import url(“../Broadscope/style.css”);

    (together with the entire contents of the style sheet) did it actually work.

    Now that is very curious.

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    But then what’s the point of using a child theme? Or put it another way, am I correct in thinking that I cannot use a child theme with Broadscope without editing the master theme files – which, of course, is why we use child themes anyway?

    I don’t really mind, I just don’t want to waste time trying to make it work if I don’t gain any advantage.

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    I’ve tried that and I get the same issue. It will only work if I copy and paste the entire style.css into the child theme.

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    It’s called ‘Broadscope’. I tried changing to ‘broadscope’ and the corresponding line:

    @import url(“../broadscope/style.css”);

    but then the child theme disappears from the theme choices. I then load ‘broadscope’ and then it appears but when I activate the child theme the problem remains.

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    OK thanks, I saw that somewhere before. I don’t have a .htaccess file because I don’t use apache but I may change the php.ini.


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    OK Fixed it. Sorry but I spent hours on this yesterday and as soon as I ask for help I fix it.

    I went back to the broadscope > Portfolio settings and two items had reverted to nothing selected. I set the

    Which page should display the portfolio?


    Which categories should be used for the portfolio?

    (again) and it’s fine now.

    Not sure why the pages default to showing the gallery. Can you tell me why that is please?


    in reply to: Sorry, no posts matched your criteria #124782

    UPDATE. OK, I was playing around with widgets, added a sidebar widget and category, then took them off. Now the ‘sorry no posts’ has gone and I have my portfolio page appearing under the pages !

    There’s some setting somewhere that’s confusing me.

    Thanks for doing that Dude, especially at the weekend. That worked a treat – I just renamed the folder from Broadscope 1.4 to Broadscope14 and it all worked.

    I think, however, that this is how the folder was named when I unpacked it – or did I rename it myself? Can’t remember, but if so you may want to change the package.

    Thanks again I’m delighted to be back on track.



    Sorry, I didn’t see your reply. I decided to change hosts and rebuild it.

    I built a new vps server, without cpanel and immediately installed a wordpress site.

    Then I uploaded 1.4 and without any content or changes I immediately went to the broadscope admin page to make changes.

    Straight away I see there are no icons/graphics and straight away none of the changes worked.

    This is a super clean install. Clearly there are problems with 1.4.

    This has cost me days of downtime and days of work.

    I’m going to go back to 1.3

    I’ll send you a link as requested but go and work on another domain with 1.3 to test it.

    I’ve just tried Broadscope 1.2. and it’s the same.

    I think the database is corrupt.

    I’m getting the same thing. I went to change some options and the Save All Changes didn’t work. So I did the following:

    Deleted inactive plugins.

    Deactivated remaining plugins.

    Backed up everything.

    Uploaded 1.4

    Swapped out the css file.

    Activated 1.4.

    Now I can’t save any changes and I don’t get the icons either.

    I have checked the fix you indicated in the avia_option_pages.js – and it is correct.

    Tried Chrome and Firefox

    Cleared down the browser cache, cookies, history (everything) on both browsers.

    Checked and Repaired database using PhpMyAdmin

    Still can’t do it. Can’t save anything and now my site looks a mess.

    Any more suggestions? What if I revert to 1.2 or before?

    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks for the swift reply,

    I’ve just tried it and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’ve double checked the editing within the wordpress editor and that line is definately rem’d out now.

    I tried removing the blockquote and re-adding it but that hasn’t changed anything.

    in reply to: BROADSCOPE User Showcase #43109

    First draft published, but I’m gonna change it a bit now that I discovered the shortcodes.

    I made this for a builder friend of mine. See builders in northallerton.

    Kriesi is a maestro!

    in reply to: alt tag in cu3er and portfolion #51451

    Supa Dupa, thanks dude.

    Well, that’s how you learn isn’t it? Just keep hacking away, even though you think you know it, you don’t.

    Thanks for your help, and sorry for false alarm.

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    Thanks Dude,

    I have just double checked, something seemed wrong – it may be me.

    On my gallery page (the portfolio) only one of the slide images was showing an alt tag, but on closer inspection it seems to be the wrong alt tag.

    After investigation it seems the alt tag used is actually the ‘Description’ field in the media library and not the ‘Alternate Text’ field which is being ignored.

    Is that just me? I presumed the ‘Alternate Text’ was the alt tag but it’s actually the description field which is used.

    So this may be a false alarm.

    If so, what is the ‘Alternate Text’ field used for?


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    I don’t know what you mean by “did you check if “Caption Title”, etc. are set for all slider images”.

    As I said, I have entries in Caption Titles as well as alt tags. I’m not aware of any tick boxes that need ticking.

    The alt tags appear (in view source) for the same images on portfolio entries but not on the home page.

    Just to clarify that, I have images in porfolio entries appearing in the slider – on view source the alt tags are showing up.

    Using the same images, picked from the media library, but this time on the slider on the home page, the alt tags are showing up as empty on the view source.

    This is taking a few points off my SEO efforts.


    in reply to: alt tag in cu3er and portfolion #51445

    I didn’t quite understand the original question here but it sounds like the problem I have.

    I am using broadscope 2.0 and have just set up a new site. After checking the seo, it seems all my alt tag are not showing up when I view source on the home page.

    The home page has portfolio images running and the alt attributes are set on the media library and in the boxes on the ‘Caption Title’ in ‘Add Featured Images’

    Are you saying that this is normal? Can’t I have my alt tags showing?

    My site is and view source will show the problem.


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