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  • in reply to: Navigation Menu on iPad portrait view #216819

    I did a search and on line 300, I made the change below.

    function avia_responsive_menu()
    var win = $(window), header = $(‘.responsive #header’);

    if(!header.length) return;

    var menu = header.find(‘.main_menu ul:eq(0)’),
    first_level_items = menu.find(‘>li’).length,
    bottom_menu = $(‘html’).is(‘.bottom_nav_header’),
    //switchWidth = 767;
    switchWidth = 1000;

    if(first_level_items > 7 + header.find(‘#menu-item-search’).length && !bottom_menu)
    switchWidth = 989;

    I also saw on line 1593 below which I did not change:
    //plugin’s default options
    var settings = {
    switchWidth: 768,
    topOptionText: ‘Select a page’,
    indentString: ‘   ‘

    But no luck. What did I do wrong?

    in reply to: Change page size for desktop #216435
    I had to make progress on this client dev site, so if you look, you will see that I went back to the default settings of width: 1030 px for now. But I still want to know how to change the width of the .container on the desktop and the iPad.

    In FireBug I see this: .responsive .container { width: 1030px; } Can you explain? Changing the page width seems elementary, so maybe I am missing something.

    in reply to: Fonts #216410

    Does this code in the function.php get overwritten on an update? If now, why not?

    in reply to: Change page size for desktop #216051

    Not really. It doesn’t work on the iPad in Portrait view. This is usually so simple with WordPress. Can you give me some guidance?

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)