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  • Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the help. Somehow it still is not okay.
    It is not aligning in the center, imagine a vertical line from top to bottom of the screen, I want it centered.
    I have added you code as well as an additional (the last) part:

    .container .av-content-small.units{
    #after_submenu .container{
    .sidebar_left .content {
        border-left-style: none;
        margin-right: 0px;

    I did this because I do not want the line on the left and also I need the testimonial to be aligned exactly centered in the screen.
    Could you take a look again? It is as if there is something on the left wich is not visible. Or is it padding/margin?


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    Thanks this works great!

    in reply to: Set testimonials like in the demo #829593

    Same page, another question (I hope it is okay to add it in this topic)

    How do I modify the textsize under the portfolio grid items?
    This code does not seem to worK

    #top .grid-content h3{
        font-size: 22px;
        text-align: center;
        color: red;
        font-family: sans-serif;

    Also this not:

    #top .grid-content h3{
        font-size: 22px;
    in reply to: Padding issue on Portfolio Grid and Masonry Grid #829271

    Thanks Jordan Shannon that was all!!
    Great and very fast support!
    Many kudos to you.

    in reply to: Padding issue on Portfolio Grid and Masonry Grid #829264

    Yes exactly

    in reply to: Round Pictures in Portfolio Grid #829236

    Hi Rikard,

    Of course you are right, I should start by using the right materials in order to create a good product.
    My question may be denied / marked as solved.

    Thanks for the quick reply and your support!

    in reply to: Round Pictures in Portfolio Grid #825252

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread, hope it is okay.

    I want to make my portfolio grid items round as well,
    But if the original featured image is not square the image will not get round.
    So I figured out this one:

    .grid-image.avia-hover-fx {
        border-radius: 100px;
        overflow: hidden;

    But the result is the same basically.
    The only advantage from this solution is that the image size is not dependend.

    Is there a way to have the image round / circle regardless if the original image is square or rectangularo or whatever?

    Thanks for the reply but there was something gone wrong in the database I guess. I have re-duplicated everytging to another server and it seems to be working fine now.

    in reply to: Link to #tab-id-…. not "top of page" #714610

    Hi below is a Gif wich shows you the problem.

    Thanks that did the trick!

    Okay thanks but unfortunately its not working.
    See belo private section.

    Question: I do not want the link to the page on any forum posted, so is it okay / the right way for me to put the links in the private section? Or should I do this in a better way?

    Hi Rikard,

    I added this part coda as well but it still does not do it.
    On a mobile screen the 3 pagenames are not displayed.

    I dunno…

    in reply to: Have control about the text in the Easy Slider #707331

    Thanks Rikard, it works like I needed.
    Great support!

    in reply to: Size of magnifier symbol background editable? #706076

    Hi Jordan,

    So simple if you show it like that but so difficult if you don’t know where too look.
    Issue resolved, topic may be closed.


    in reply to: Have control about the text in the Easy Slider #706073

    Sorry Basilis,

    I indeed forgot to save the info.
    Now it is in the private section.


    Hi Nikko,

    Thanks for the mail, the header behaves good now, thanks.

    The sochet info however does not work.
    The copyright stays left, the rest is not displayed.


    in reply to: Some issues with tables #697660

    Hi Andy,

    The first column of the first table is not the same width as the first column in the second table. And so on.
    In mobile view all the columns should have the same width, at least the first column.

    Sorry for my bad explaining.

    in reply to: Some issues with tables #695405

    Hi Pete, thanks for your info.
    This is not a solution for me however.
    I tried and it is a different thing.

    in reply to: Some issues with tables #695324

    Hi Kriesi,

    It is still not entirely as it should be. Somehow the tables seem messed up on mobile screen.
    Is there any way this could be more aligned?

    To me it looks like the tables have the same width WHEN ABOVE each other if you look at them in full screen desktop modus.
    If in mobile screen, then they somehow do not have the same widths anymore and more; the first column does not have the same width that is whats making it look odd.

    See the details in private section.

    Some more related questions:
    1. could the 2 cells from the first row be merged together and the contents aligned left?
    2. could the top row be given any other color?

    A less related question but I would rather not open a new thread for that, do you have any reccomendation about a plugin wich would allow the website to show a small line of text somewhere in the topbar “we are open” or “we are closed” based on the opening hours I put in? In the private section I give you a link to a plugin wich does it exactly but it has a bug, and the author does not respond to ma numerous messages. I have googled a lot and tried various plugins but none of them does what I want.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the reply but it is not getting better the way I have in mind.
    To have a quick explaination I have made another video to show you.
    Please see the private info for details and also a temporary login account.

    Thanks again for the help!
    Did I already say the Enfold theme is the best I have been working with for years?


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    in reply to: Some issues with tables #687494

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your time & help.
    The issue I have is still there, it has nothing to do with an update.
    Somehow the tables overlap each other.
    See the gif inside the private area.
    I hope it will not take another 5 days…
    Thanks in advance.

    in reply to: Some issues with tables #685913

    Hi Kriesi,

    Could you please help me out with this one?
    I had to look very closely as to where my post was, and I seem to be on page 15 now.

    On the other hand, I can understand if you are busy, in that case what may be the response time usually?


    in reply to: Those permalinks make me crazy… please help #679629

    It seems if I set the permalinks to standard, it will work, but I don not want the standard permalink structure, I need the post structure…. I regret waiting for nearly 2 days without response, I know you guys are busy, but so am I, but I can’t move on when no solution is presented… Meanwhile I’ll make a copy on another domain, once done I will copy this back.

    Update: problem solved by the hosting provider.
    It seems the permalink change is written into htacces file.
    But in that case I need to maually sync the htaccess with the hosting provider.
    Strange but true….

    Topic may be closed!

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    in reply to: Those permalinks make me crazy… please help #679277

    Please help, I can’t work any further since this issue happened… All I can imagine is a full reset but that would be the rudest way. Thanks in advance.

    Okay, I understand that this goes beyond your support, and you are right!

    But can you then tell me please in wich file the news post query is located and what that part of code may look like?
    With that information I believe I can dig further.

    Thanks in advance and again no probs whatsoever because your support is always 110%.

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the reply, but I don’t get the connection between both tickets.
    It may seem the same but it is not I believe,…

    I do not ask for a plain solution because I know this beyond the limits of your support but maybe you can point me into a direction, where I may be able to read more about is. The internet is big but I cant seem to find a proper beginning myself.


    Update: the author of said pluging adds this;

    I meant that it’s a feature that should be added in your theme, right where the news list query is, maybe you would need to ask to your theme developer / provider. Or use a plugin where you can choose different post types to display posts from.

    Is this option available in the theme? If not, any suggestion?
    Thanks again.

    in reply to: Need advice on wich theme to buy #636343

    Hi Kriesi,

    Happy to inform you that we recently bought the Enfold theme!
    It will be the foundation for our new (sportscenter) website.

    Keep up the good work!

    in reply to: Can't set Featured Image in Posts #460336

    Hi ElementArt & Kriesi,

    Sorry for dropping in but I have the same issue.
    I have the site running for a long time now and I always had a thumbnail / preview in the list “Latest news”.
    After updating to 2.4 choices I noticed the image being gone.

    I would like to have it stay as it was, so no need to code extra.
    Or is this the only solution?

    The way it has worked for me all the time was just create a new post and publish it. It would automatically select the same image always for the preview. But I have forgotten about how I did this. Otherwise I could look for it…

    Please help and sorry for Hijackin this post.
    ps I saw it is working for you now ElementArt .

    Kind regards,

    For some strange reason the images are back, … I have done nothing.
    Maybe it was a bad cache or something, anyway it is solved for now.

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    Hi Günter,

    Thanks for the reply.
    After reading and thinking, I believe this is what I should do.
    0. Make a complete backup of all files and database!!
    1. Check the version I have running now and download the entire folder from the server
    2. If possible download the same version but original on Envato
    3. Verify the the files and then determine wich are cahnged
    > because I have the same version running, as the original version, it can only be changes that come from my hand.
    These changed folder should be placed in the child folder on the server.
    Next: upload the original files to the server in the choices folder.
    If all is correct no difference should be there.

    If all works, I should be able to upload the latest choices version.
    Because my child theme files stay as stey are, nothing should be changed on the frontside of the side.

    Does this make sense?

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