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    Hi Nick,

    thanks very much! This is exactly what we were looking for. But know there is an other problem.

    I had it working yesterday but now it doesn’t work any more.

    Yesterday the gallery showed tooltips above all thumbs on rollover.

    Today it only shows the tooltip with thumbs that link to a video. And the tooltip contains the url that is added to the caption field.

    Look at:

    The first thumb of the first gallery should open a video but I can’t get it working any more.

    I don’t understand how this has happened. All I changed in this theme is header.php (google font), custom.css & gallery.php.

    I have recreated gallery.php several times following your instructions yesterday evening, but can’t get it to work any more!

    Any clues, I’m getting a bit desperate meanwhile?

    Can I send you wordpress/ftp login through private message yo have a look?

    Thanks very much, regards

    Rob (& Adrian)

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124276

    Hi Ismael,

    thanks very much for your quick solution, this is almost exactly what we want.

    One more adjustment would make it even more easy to to set up all our avia galleries (we want to create many): most of the thumbs will be pointing to the original full-size image in the lightbox. Only some 20% will be pointing to a video. Now we also have to look up the url’s for all full-size images.

    Would it be possible that – if the alt field is empty – the thumb is automatically pointed to the full size-image of the thumb (in the lightbox)?

    As mentioned, we would be willing to pay for adaptions because it would save us a lot of time setting up the galleries.

    Thanks again, regards Rob & Adrian

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124274

    Hi Logan2d,

    thanks for your elaborate explanation (and time!). We had also been thinking about this solution (but didn’t try it yet).

    Nice thing is that the roll-over shows whether its a still or a video.

    We’re afraid this will not be a practical solution for our problem because we want to place so many stills and videos (several hundreds).

    We would have to create separate categories for each still & video and won’t be able to use the categories function in the way it was intended (and would work for us). We also want to have a solution to create projects (with galleries) fast to show client the progress on projects (tests & demo’s).

    We think we will contact Kriesi to ask if it is possible to adapt gallery.php (avia) as a commissioned request.

    We think it should be possible to use the caption field of the gallery entries as a destination link for a video to show in the lightbox.

    We want to created separate thumbnail images with a video icon, so the user knows that it is a video.

    If the caption field is empty, the normal attachment (still) should be shown in the lightbox.

    Thanks again, Logan2d

    Greetings Adrian & Rob

    @dude/Devin: can you have a look at the request above and let us know if it is possible to create a adaptation of gallery.php

    Please contact us through mail to discuss possibilities, costs etc.

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124272

    Hi Logan2d,

    that’s perfect (I think), can you walk me through? I’m very interested how you did this.

    Would this also work whith self-hosted videos and vimeo?

    Thanks Adrian

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124268

    Hi Devin,

    It is not in the Portfolio Grid but in the Avia Gallery that we want to be able to show video’s in the Lightbox.

    We want to create our own thumbnail images for each video and than want to be able to link that image to a youtube, vimeo or selfhosted video. Have a look at . First image is a preview to a video but in the gallery we would like to have images as well as video’s that show/play in the lightbox.

    We read the post (Purchase code hidden if logged out) and thought that might be a solution.

    But we can’t get that solution working, and even than we would have to provide url’s for all images as well as videos.

    Hope you can help, thanks Rob

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124266

    Hello Devin, Ismael, Logan,

    Thanks for thinking about this!

    I have found the functionality you refer to by updating to version 1.6

    Alas, I don’t think it’s quite what I’m looking for.

    This new feature allows a portfolio preview to link to a different location than the default, (which would be the portfolio entry itself).

    What I am looking for is a way to use the gallery feature, in a page or a portfolio, to link to individual videos, which then display in LightBox on that page.

    Currently, clicking on a preview image in a gallery grid simply displays an enlargement of that image.

    I would like to be able to display a video by clicking on a preview image in a gallery gird.

    I was really hoping there’s a work around for this!

    Thanks again,


    in reply to: Linking gallery images to URL #123972

    A variation on that…

    I would like put a link on gallery images so that clicking on them opens a video in lightbox.

    There doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to do this.

    Thanx for thinking about this…

    in reply to: Re-size the right side bar width #95290

    Hi Ismael,

    That was careless of me…

    Thanks for the heads up.



    in reply to: Is it possible to lock a slide-show at a fixed height? #98825

    Thanx Dude.

    in reply to: Re-size the right side bar width #95288

    I’ve made my sidebar less wide using the CSS trick you show…but the sidebar still takes up the same column space. Just guessing it looks as if it’s 33% of the page. Is it possible to make the sidebar appear in a thinner column e.g. a quarter?



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