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    I updated the files as outlined in the version update doc, and it worked great. Twitter is still fine too :)

    Thanks for the great support!


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    I noticed in the version doc that it deletes the default twitter widget. This is still working on the site and I would like to keep it there and not have to use the twitter plugin.

    How do I make the update for slider and not the Twitter change? Also, do I have to copy the custom CSS I added in the quick CSS area and paste it back in the updated version?

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    As you will also see from the support posts when I developed the site, there were some customizations that were done through the edit, which I don’t recall what they were.

    My fear is that I will overwrite something I may need. Is there a way to only update whatever causes the slider issues?


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    I’d really appreciate knowing if I can change the height of the slider on page 957 on the site

    Thank you!

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    Thank you I appreciate understanding how to read the info in Chrome. The issue I continue to face however, is that it is not the width but the height I’m having issues with. I tried following the logic and after width: 1200px; added height: 960px; to get width: 1200px; 960px; but that didn’t do the trick.

    How can I change the height please, just for this page 957?


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    Hi! I still have not been able to get this to work.

    I’ve tried to isolate a slideshow on a page and work with it so I can learn at the same time.

    I tried adding the code above to the CSS, but it made no difference.

    Also, I don’t understand what it means to regenerate the thumbnails. I found a plugin for the purpose, but it doesn’t work either.

    The image sizes are 1024 x 682. The width is fine, it’s the height I need to adjust.

    Thanks for your help.

    in reply to: Table Formatting #125239

    I changed to using a column format and that seems to work. Tables seems to add a background to alternate rows. Is there a way to modify the background colours in tables?

    in reply to: How to make top level navigation not a link #122849

    Hi brahim_daghl – I wanted to thank you for your post in my support ticket area. It is closed and I couldn’t reply, but wanted to let you know that you did indeed figure it out and works like a charm. Thanks again for posting your solution, it is really appreciated.

    in reply to: Change Size of Image Slider #122693

    Actually, the width is fine it’s the height. The images are being cropped top and bottom. Thanks again Ismael for your help!

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121603


    Yes I did interestingly – it worked perfectly. I had it working coming from YouTube and with one plugin that was for responsive themes and it worked perfectly as well.


    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121601

    The link to the page with the video is


    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121599

    The video I have set up on this page which was working previously, is no longer working on the mobile sites. Does this have to do with removing the !important and if so, is there a way to fix this please?


    in reply to: Home Page #122546

    That’s what I had – I created content for the home page then added that page to the menu. It created when it was clicked on.

    I did some research and see that what I needed to do was create a custom link menu vs adding a page to the menu and put the root domain in as the URL and that seems to work.


    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121597

    I removed the !important and it seems ok now! Does this make sense to you?

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121596

    Without this code – the mobile page loads with each icon as a separate entry.

    With this code it seems we lose the responsive ability of the theme.

    I’ve tried playing with the 25 in the code, but if it is not 25 it doesn’t work.

    This code is necessary for the web page – removing it means I get 2 coluns of icons using only part of the page and the third icon column is pushed underneath. This is repeated for the second set of 3 icon columns.

    I’ve tried creating a new page using the same process and it renders exactly the same way and not correctly.

    I’ve tried to reinstall a backup version that was working, and it doesn’t work either (using backupbuddy).

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121595

    I can’t upload an image, but if you could see what the page looks like on the iphone you can see the issue I’m having.

    Interesting that the first code you sent did fix the website version. Any thoughts as to what to do next please?

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121594

    I wish you were right, but no I was careful to check for that and did read the setup instructions so knew to look for that from the outset.

    Here’s what I have:


    [one_third first]

    [iconbox title=”Condominium Specialists” icon=”Home.png”]ComField has long been the choice of many condominium boards in Toronto and the GTA. We have acquired a wealth of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, using our expertise to deliver outstanding results and top quality service. More…[/iconbox]



    [iconbox title=”Commercial Property Management” icon=”Apartment_Building.png”]ComField Management Services, Inc. is a trusted provider of commercial property management in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We have been providing property management services to the Greater Toronto Area for the past 9 years, and continue to provide exceptional service to our clients. More…[/iconbox]



    [iconbox title=”Knowledge and Links” icon=”Key.png”]It’s important to stay up to date, and we keep it easy for you by providing a page with industry specific knowledge and links. This page is updated often, so be sure to bookmark it as your primary reference property management resource page. More…[/iconbox]




    [one_third first]

    [iconbox title=”Experienced Professionals” icon=”User_Comment.png”]Collectively, the Principals of ComField have more than 60 years experience in the management of real estate. The Principals of ComField have the professional training and experience to manage the property management staff assigned to your property. More…[/iconbox]



    [iconbox title=”ComField Management Services” icon=”Info___About.png”]ComField Management Services Inc. (ComField) has over 9 years experience in property management in the Greater Toronto Area. Our portfolio includes Residential and Commercial properties, specializing in Condominium Property Management. More…[/iconbox]



    [iconbox title=”Careers” icon=”Users_2.png”]ComField is always looking for experienced, motivated, self-starting individuals to fill various positions. We offer a meaningful career in a challenging environment. More…[/iconbox]



    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121592

    Hi Ismael. Actually, what you have above is what I have been using all along and did work for a period, but then I ended up with the 2 columns and third pushed down to the next line. The next set of 3 columns did the same – 2 columns on one line with the third pushed below the first.

    What you provided the first time in terms of a solution did fix the issue with the columns on the website when viewed on a PC and ipad. It is just with the iphone or smaller smartphone devices I have an issue as it does seem to make it 4 columns on those smaller devices, which means each column can only contain a word or two, and an invisible 4th column is empty.

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121590

    Is the 25% correct in what was provided above. On the iphone it divides the columns into 4 and keaves the last column empty and the other 3 columns with one ot two words only per line.

    Many thanks for all your help.

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121589

    it seems to be doing it again. Would you suggest i deactivate plugins and see if that helps? I’m not sure how to handle this as the client is getting upset and I cant blame them.

    in reply to: Remove name of pic when mouse over #121620

    Thank you very much Peter!

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121587

    I just noticed your comment at the end Ismael. I don’t believe I did. Also, the really weird thing was that I restored backup copies I had and I had the same issue – but these were versions that were working fine. I’m really confused by this.

    I took a look at the style.css as I believe that’s what you are referring to and no, I didn’t touch that. I see it also says not to modify so I wouldn’t have. The changes I made were those that were provided me through support to custom css.

    in reply to: 3 columns pushed funny #121586

    Thank you SO much Ismael for your quick reply. This solved it – and you saved the day for me!

    Thank you

    in reply to: Some Code at bottom of pages #115939

    Found it – thanks!

    in reply to: Linked IconBox Titles? #115902

    Thank you for the help getting it started!

    in reply to: Images and "+" #115790

    Hi Ismael,

    That did it!

    Thanks so much!!

    in reply to: Video / Fixed Image #115338

    Thanks so much Devin, that helps a lot!!

    in reply to: Video / Fixed Image #115336

    Hi Devin,

    I did, but there’s a problem. All the other pages are affected with the same adjustment, meaning the slideshows on other pages are “pushed” to the right.

    I changed the padding-left. It seems I need a way to center the video on that page. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Could you also tell me – using the code I posted in my original note above, how would you do that for only one page and not an entire site please?


    in reply to: Header Area Larger #115371

    That’s awesome Devin – thanks! I marked it resolved to try and not waste your time, but appreciate the confirmation. I just kept trying different tthings :)

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