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    Thanks Devin ;)

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    Hey Devin, thanks for your reply !!!

    1) How can I see the code for the slider ? (I don’t mind changing the PHP file just don’t know how to see the code for slider)

    2) Is it possible to disable hyperlinks just to be a styled text?

    3) Looks excellent MASTER !


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    Hey Nick, thanks for your reply !!!

    Will try it tonight, and write you to let you know how it goes ;)

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    Thanks for your reply Dude,

    1) For my first question, if there is no option for DESCRIPTION (Please consider adding it for the next update :) ), can I at least disable the linking? I want them as regular text.

    2) Perfect

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    Hi Devin thanks for your reply,

    I’m not PHP expert, but with some code moving here and there and changing some names of the classes it can be done, and that’s not that hard for people who can read and write PHP. It just took me 3 days to figure it out. There was no custom code … it’s all theme code.

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    Thanks Dude,

    this solves the problem in some way :)

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    Hey Mikeh, the interactive map will be for the next update :) still waiting to see what support has to say on thumbnails

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    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I watched this video 14 hours ago before i purchase the theme. :) I made the customization for for the advanced layout editor as it is in video, and it is working fine. I create my custom posts and now I need to index them like regular blog posts are indexed. I think that this is a small modification on the main index.php file or loop-index.php (just to tell it what category of post to sort) but I am not a php expert and i can’t figure it out how. What I want to achieve is to have HOME / COMPANIES / CUSTOM POST where COMPANIES is CPT and is showing all custom posts.

    Can you please look in my code if I send you user and pass ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)