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    Firsth of all, thank you for Abundance, a like it a lot!

    I do have a little problem with theme translation into Czech language. I have already translated woocommerce plugin and made some changes in wordpress czech transation. I always download .po file – edit in Poedit – save and upload together with .mo file via ftp to my web. The only problem is with Abundance theme. I can make translations but after uploading, original english version appears on my web. If I check .po file it is translated but makes no changes in web. Could be the reason, that some weeks ago I translated some texts not with Poedit but in WordPress – Admin – Theme editor – ph. files? (I know it was probably mistake, but I am still novice with WordPress)

    For exmaple I cant get rid of – You are here:…

    link to my web:

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Robert188,

    It looks like you might have had some luck figuring out what was needed. What ended up allowing the translation files to take effect as it is now on the site?


    Hi Devin, to be honest I am not sure if I understand correctly your question. There are some translations of Abundance theme which I did not transalte using Poedit but I directly rewritte englist words/sentences in php files through WordPress Templates editor. Those appears correctly on web but I guess will be overwritten with new version of Abundance… The rest of english words which I did not overwrite in php files I intended to translate with Poedit but it does not work. I can transalte them, I can save them in Poedit and create .mo file and upload together with .po file on my web, but translation do not take effect.



    Did you remember to change or add “define(‘WPLANG’, ‘cs_CZ’);” in your wp-config.php file?



    Hi stickFinger,

    I did not do any changes in wp-config.php file since I originaly downloaded czech version of WordPress which works.

    Now I have checked that file – no changes since I upload it on server – and definition define(‘WPLANG’, ‘cs_CZ’ is in there.


    Hi Robert,

    Oh I see now. I’m not very familiar with WPML myself so I’m pretty limited in help when it comes to compatibility with it and the themes. Perhaps some of the other users on the forums can offer some suggestions and support as stickFinger has already :)





    I am not using WPML. I simply cant translate Abundance theme into czech language the same way I did with woocommerce plugin.





    Just in case, where to did you put your .mo and po files?

    They need to be in your wp-content/themes/abundance/lang folder, ok?

    Did you named then as cs_CZ.po and ?




    First, thanks a lot. That was exactly amateours mistake I was doing! I translated original Default.po file and saved it with the same name. I do not understand why it did to realise by myslef that I need to save the file as cs_CZ. So I was repeating the same mistake until your last post. Thanks again.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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