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    Hi Gents

    We have been running our Corona run site for several years now. One issue we have is that we are on a very old version of the theme and upgrade is very difficult as we are not using a child theme and changes were made to theme files not custom.css

    I have setup a and replicated the site there but a lot of the settings and changes seem to have reverted to original theme? Can you help me to make the site exactly as it is on to so that I can tinker and ensure we correct the issues we have in order to move forward with out site. I also want to work on getting it mobile friendly with jetpack and I need to do all this in a staging setting before i deploy to live site.




    That is a bit impossible because we really don’t know what changes you made on the theme. Sorry but we can’t help you with that. Please hire a freelance developer to modify the theme again in case you update the theme. Please create a change log or use a child theme to preserve the modifications on the theme files.




    Hi, I seem to have not been clear.

    I moved the exact mysql database and exact files from the current site to and yet the site is not exactly as the live site that I copied everything from. Why would this be?


    Hi nbmediasouthafrica,

    If you exported the database and copied over the same files but neglected to change over the serialized data then the data will not be correct.

    Serialized data depends on the url and its recommended to use a plugin like this to move wordpress databases and also properly transfer serialized data: WP MIGRATE DB



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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