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    Hi Everybody!
    we got a big problem after the last enfold Update! I got this from our hoster:

    “the MySQL log increases significantly again. We examined today and found two databases that have the same problem as the last one.
    The following entry is repeated in the update, in one.
    ************************************************** *********
    ; S: 21: \ “error-generating-file \”; s: 68: \ “avia-footer-scripts-5abaa6be1f51f03e7b70d1a3713f9b54 — 5e29cef6535cd \”
    ************************************************** *********
    It looks like a file cannot be created, maybe there was an update and a plugin no longer works properly.”

    “das MySQL Log steigt wieder erheblich an. Wir haben heute untersucht und konnten zwei Datenbanken ausfindig machen, die dasselbe Problem haben, wie die letzte.
    In dem Update wiederholt sich der folgende Eintrag, in einem.
    Es sieht danach aus, als ob eine Datei nicht erzeugt werden kann, vielleicht gab es ein Update und ein Plugin funktioniert nicht mehr richtig.”

    Ich bitte um Hilfe!! Please help!
    Thanks in advance

    Best KiM


    Hey Blatze,

    Please check permissions on this folders:

    Best regards,


    /wp-content/uploads/dynamic_avia/ = 777
    /wp-content/uploads/ = 755

    is this the problem?


    Hi Blatze,

    No, it should not be fine with these permissions.

    Can you give us temporary admin access to your website in the private content box below, so that we can have a closer look?

    Best regards,


    What permissions are needed? I can change the permissions …

    Thank you

    Best Kim


    Have the problem on several sites.. give you access to one of them, f.e.

    Thanks KiM


    Our hoster has now taken action …
    “We had to take action to keep the MySQL protocol running properly. The update flag for the following users was removed.
    As requested, we have now removed the update flag in the order, for this we charge a ZE (15 minutes / 1 hour = 105, – net). ”

    Unser Hoster ist jetzt tätig geworden…
    “Wir mussten tätig werden, damit der MySQL Protokoll ordnungsgemäß weiter läuft. Hierfür wurde für die folgenden Benutzer das Update Flag entfernt.

    Wie gewünscht haben wir das Update Flag jetzt im Auftrag entfernt, dafür berechnen wir eine ZE (15 Minuten / 1 Stunde = 105,- netto).”


    Can please somebody tell me the needed permissions, so I can change them? And check this on other sites, so that we don´t run into more cost from our hoster? 🙏



    Thank you for the update.

    It looks an issue with and theme’s File Compression settings. To get rid of the errors, you can disable the the Performance > File Compression settings temporarily and instead use third party plugins such as Autoptimize or BWP Minify. This is until we figure out what’s wrong with the compression.

    We may need to access the file server and the WP dashboard in order to debug the issue further. Please post the details in the private field.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    thanks for our response! After our Hoster make this change we cannot login anymore, but I have another site, where the hoster didn´t make this change because we put the site to maintenance mode..

    I give you the access to this site. Is it ok, when I make the change you told me simultaneously?

    Thanks in advance KiM

    (access follows)


    Please let me know, if you need anything else!


    Should I deactivate the Http security level for legibility check of merged files also?



    Thank you for following up.

    Keep the File Compression settings disabled for now. You don’t need to toggle anything else. Let us know if it helps decrease the database logs.

    Best regards,


    Did you find a solution for this problem?

    Best KiM



    The problem seems to be related to

    See example in private content – the first file is generated very often – on each call to the page.

    Interesting is, I activated merging temporarily – but the problem seems not to occur any longer.
    I enabled and disabled it several times and reloaded the frontpage – only one file was created.

    I returned to set it to deactivated.

    Can you check with your hoster if there are any SQL entries with error-generating-file from today?

    Best regards,


    Let me check that! I will get in touch again, asap.

    Thanks and regards


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