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    Here’s the scenario: a solid color background with a bottom angled border and the section below has a background image.

    Right now, the background image will have a flat top leaving a wedge of color between the two sections. Is there a way we can give it a seamless appearance where the image background section doesn’t have that flat top and looks as though it has a top, angled border?

    Logically….there would be an angled top border option that does the same as the bottom basically, but in reverse so we can achieve that effect.


    Hey Kahil,

    Could you post a link to the site in question so that we can take a closer look please? Also, if you have a screenshot of what you are looking to achieve it would likely help us understand what you are looking to achieve.

    Best regards,


    Kahil – did you ever solve this? I’m trying this now and achieve the same result.

    Section 1 has
    – BackgroundImage1
    – a diagonal section bottom;
    – a transparent backgroundcolor for the diagonal-part

    Section2 (after 1) has
    – backgroundimage2
    – a diagonal sectionbottom with a white backgroundcolor

    Section1 had an angled bottom and I can see BGimage1
    Section2 had a flat top and BGimage2 is flat too.

    How can you position BGimage2 behind section1 the angled part?


    Nope. Honestly, I gave up on the idea. Now I’m dealing with the new preview pane crap that hasn’t been resolved in over two months now. :/


    Hi all,

    Does this look like something you’re trying to achieve?

    Best regards,


    No it is more like the green reviews part in this screenshot:

    I would like a section with a background image that is slanted on the top AND the bottom.
    I understand that I have to use 2 sections for that on top of eachother, and that works if I would make the sections one color.
    But with a background *image* I can not achieve this.
    I _can_ achieve
    Top: straight. Bottom: slanted. Like the header in the screenhsot.


    Hi Pixelbits,

    You could achieve it with an image, just prepare the image with necessary dimensions and transparent background.
    Another way to do it is by using css.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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