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    Also, the catalog data files I mentioned above required manual modifications and their data is a mess so until I have time to write a script to read in the file and strip, cleanse and output exactly what I need, I simply made the changes to the master catalog file and imported it using CSV product suite and while I’m developing and testing I’ll leave it as is for now.

    If you happen to come across anything regarding CIF Data Files in the future let me know :)


    I’ve purchased Replete so I’m no longer in need of assistance with this issue :)


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    I’ve purchased replete and have been working on my customizations

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    You need to install this plugin. This is what I am using and you have a ton more preset image sizes and options

    Then once it’s installed and activated, follow the steps I posted above and regenerate

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    Hi Devin

    You can remove my post under this topic if you’d like. I figured it out and have posted my solution under a different thread

    Thx :)

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    I was hesitant to activate the dynamic gallery plugin you mentioned above due to big glitches I was experiencing while testing it on other themes before I purchased Replete. So I’ll go ahead, cross my fingers, activate the plugin and hope for the best :)

    I’ll take a look at the product bundle plugin you mentioned although, I have a feeling that it may be of little use with a catalog of over 13k products…(scream)


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    Can you clarify this just a tad for me?

    I’m just pulling my head out of graphic hell…I tend to do things the hard way before I finally discover the easy solution to things so for this particular topic I’m going to try and save myself from going bonkers and just ask you some questions that I hope make sense :)

    1) You used the phrase “each template will need to be re-made for each language”

    That is frightening to me considering the number of different languages I’ll be using in addition to the fact that I have over 13000 products most of which should have corresponding images in my imported catalog file.

    When you say “Re-made” what exactly does that entail?

    2) The Woocommerce shop pages, catalog and products – will I need to “re-make” all of the woocommerce pages, catalog, products, images, tags, categories etc..?

    I may be getting ahead of myself here so for the moment I’ll stop and see what your reply is to the 2 questions above before adding other questions that may be (hopefully are) addressed in your response

    Thx :)

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    One more thing…

    Even if you leave all the default image sizes as they are and simply turn cropping off on all the different sizes, you should see a huge difference…Unless you have low resolution graphics, then you’ll probably have to adjust the sizes.

    Thank God….now I can move forward and address some other less time consuming issues :)

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    It’s all in how you configure the Image Sizes in the Media Settings.

    This has been one of the biggest thorns in my side because I have thousands of product images.

    I’ve been testing using a specific category that only has 54 images and have concluded that having any of the media sizes set to “crop” completely screws up the way the graphics look on any given section of the website.

    I was digging into the code trying to find all the image overlay settings because I thought that was what was distorting the images but turns out it’s the crop function!

    I haven’t looked at your website to see if what you’re experiencing is the same thing I was experiencing but it sure sounds like it.

    If so, un-toggle “crop” on all the various image sizes under “Settings->Media->Image Sizes” make sure you save the settings at the bottom of the page and force regenerate all the images.

    Hope this helps and saves some sanity and time :)

    in reply to: Regenerating 10,000 + graphics #108131

    I figured as much but again…worth a shot. I’m doing my graphic testing with a group of specific images. This way I don’t waste tons of time waiting for all the graphics to regenerate while I’m still testing the image sizes and layout.

    Thanks for your reply

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    This is something I was going to post an inquiry about but found this thread….

    Can you give me a brief explanation on the proper way to “create/copy” my English version of the template for each language?

    I’m going to be using quite a few languages and I’m suddenly extremely nervous about how to do this and have it work for each language :/

    :/ nervous

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    Scratch my post. I figured it out

    in reply to: Changing Product Image Size and Disabling Click-Zoom #105567

    I’m experiencing the same problem. And because of the thousands of graphics I am using it takes a minimum of 12 hours to regenerate all the graphics.

    From what I can see it appears as either the single page product image is being distorted in terms of clarity either because of an image overlay or because it’s calling for the 80×80 image size for the main single product page image.

    When I click to zoom the quality is perfect.

    Any ideas, potentially ones that will save me 12+ hours waiting for files to regenerate again?

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    I hope it’s okay to add to this question.

    If I don’t want the images cropped but do want them to be displayed smaller than the default settings, do I just keep the “crop” value set to false?

    in reply to: Replicating Replete Footer with Large arrow #107285

    NICE! That was easy!!!

    Thanks :)

    in reply to: Replete vs Abundance and Propulsion #107282

    Okay, I think you’ve sold me on Replete!

    I found several sites by searching using the query you posted….very great idea…not sure why I didn’t think of that lol

    My biggest concerns are Woocommerce integration being seamless as well as WPML plugin being fully functional. The project I’m working on is an international e-commerce website with a catalog file of 13000 items and about 2x’s that in images….

    I purchased WPML, CSV Product Import Suite and have had my eye on replete for some time now but wanted to make sure it was solid and had more features and functionality than Abundance and Propulsion even though they are both great templates as well.

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Single Product Page Image issue #107138

    I switched the theme to propulsion, which destroyed the entire site I had designed with abundance but the images look a lot better on the product pages with propulsion than they did in abundance

    I’m looking into replete as we speak to find out if I may like that one better than the other two. I’ll keep you posted

    I already set the sidebar in the dynamic template layout. I was looking to expand the content area since the other isn’t an option.

    I have to say honestly, I have purchased two templates Abundance and Propulsion and sadly have been left with complicated coding I’ve had to do myself not to mention the themes are not entirely what they are portrayed to be when looking at the demo’s. I’ve now spent over $120 on just templates from Kriesi and have not had good experiences or satisfied with either even after putting a lot of my own time into customizing them.

    Sorry, had to be honest. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into issues that I’ve had to work out on my own.

    in reply to: FTP data feed plugin compatible with AVIA and Woocomerce #101643

    Thanks Guys!

    I’ll keep you posted on the outcome

    in reply to: FTP data feed plugin compatible with AVIA and Woocomerce #101641

    Just to be certain, Kriesi themes are only compatible with Woocommerce and not other ecommerce plugins like WP-ecommerce, jigshop etc..?

    in reply to: FTP data feed plugin compatible with AVIA and Woocomerce #101639

    I original purchased Abundance then realized it wasn’t responsive so I then purchased Propulsion. I looked at Replete and would like to use it however I’ve already spent the money on the two themes that I’m not going to end up using. Is there a way to exchange one purchase for Replete?

    in reply to: FTP data feed plugin compatible with AVIA and Woocomerce #101637

    Hi Nick,

    No I currently do not have a product, plugin or API capable of doing this, that’s what I’m looking for help with. The images aren’t of any concern as I’ll likely choose one folder and stick with it as there is no need for both.

    The project I’m developing is an international, multilingual ecommerce website. I am using WPML for translation purposes,

    The data feed I outlined above is a service I purchased from my Vendor that allows me full access to the data for translation and manipulation purposes.

    The data feed is going to be through a secure FTP server and will need to be setup to automatically check for updates in the files on the server and in return update the information such as price increases, decreases etc.

    It’s a bit trickier than I had hoped and given the fact I’m using, WordPress, Woocommerce, Kriesi templates that are built on the AVIA framework, my fear is that WHEN I find an add-on, extension, plugin etc…that I’ll have some incompatibility issues with any of the above.

    I’ve done a lot of research and I feel like I’m going in circles.

    I hope that helped answer your question

    I did away with Marketpress…

    Thank you for your reply!


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