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    Please disregard this issue. Turns out that the Layout Editor was unchecked in the Screen Options section; even though I didn’t turn it off.

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    Any ideas on this question, please? Thanks.

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    Okay. I was finally able to figure out all of the settings that are required. I would like to really suggest that a new dummy demo package be created that re-creates the entire demo that is shown on themeforest. This would have saved me hours of time and frustration. And please create some videos and better documentation that includes all of these features. Thanks. :)

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    Hi Devin. Can you please post a screen shot of the image settings? I tested mine with Center position and No Repeat, but image is not displayed correctly. I also tried Stretch, which distorts the image. Would be helpful to see the settings. Not sure why this wasn’t included in the demo download. Thanks.

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    Thanks lenscraft. :)

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    Thank you Ismael.

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    (from 10+ posts)

    Here is my wish list so far. Thanks!

    1. Ajax Portfolio. Please also consider an option to have a link for both quick view and detail view. Some users may want the option to go directly to the detailed view. How about the option to have different hover icons and hover styles.

    2. Portfolio/Blog Slider. Please consider improving the navigation arrows. Difficult for user to know there is more to scroll without hovering over the image.

    3. Masonry Blog Layout. Please consider more layout options for Blog, possibly masonry/magazine type layout, etc.

    4. Timeline Component. Would be great to integrate a javascript timeline component, such as the one from VeriteCo.

    5. Small header with menu and icons, with header piece being fixed, possibly shrinking also.


    A few more suggestions…

    1. Portfolio – Please consider a Load More button function as an option instead of of the page based pagination. Load More provides better dynamic user experience with the ability to see more items on the same page.

    2. Ajax Search – Please provide a way to use the Ajax Search in the side bar and/or on a page as a page builder element.

    3. Breadcrumbs – Please consider adding Breadcrumbs as a short-code where it can be placed at top of the page above title. Difficult for some users to find the breadcrumbs when it’s aligned to the far right.

    4. Contact Form – Definitely need more fields like pick-list, drop-downs, etc. Also need more flexibility when using Google maps like height adjustments, etc.

    5. Newsletter – Please consider integration with newsletter like mail chimp and integration with contact form. Also would be nice to see login area and newsletter sign-up panels.

    6. Theme Support – Please consider a different forum area for support. Seems like you can’t add attachments or screen shots, edit existing posts, etc. Seems very outdated as compared to other CMS forums.



    1. Small fixed header with social icons and menu. With the option to have just the header (logo + menu) part fixed and shrinking.

    2. Better mobile menu, like others have mentioned. Perhaps off canvas style.

    3. Colored Section that works with side bar not just full width.

    4. Masonry option style for both portfolio and blog items.

    Please consider an option to have a separator line style between sidebar items, like between categories and latest posts, etc. Would also be nice to apply a colored section for sidebar sections and maybe more title options for sidebar modules. Thanks.


    By the way, I hope the Ajax Portfolio is implemented like the Choices template, where the item is shown on the same page as the portfolio.

    I also really love the hover effect, where the hover overlay follows the cursor movement on the Choices portfolio. Please consider adding this as an option.



    Would really like to see the Breadcrumbs as a short-code. I often you use a header background image with the page title. This does not seem to be an option with the current design. I would like to be able to place the Breadcrumbs above my articles, not to the far right. Thanks.


    Would really like to see a Load More function as an option to the portfolio, instead of pagination. This would create a much better user experience and is more in line with current design patterns. And please consider different hover overlays. I like the portfolio item overlay from the Choices theme much better. Thanks.


    Breadcrumbs Shortcode – Please consider an option to include “breadcrumbs” as shortcode. I would like to use my own Heading text with background image and then add the breadcrumbs to that image. It would also be nice to place the breadcrumbs in a different position, for example, above the article title. Current design is not very flexible. Thanks.


    Blog Layout – Please include an option for an author block on every post. Seems odd that the blog doesn’t support this. Would also like to see a masonry blog layout. Current grid layout is not useful for images with different sizes and looks kind of bland. Also, why is there a light-box hover on every post image. Should be an option to turn this off.

    And please-please consider a “Load More” option for both Portfolio and Blog instead of just next-page pagination. Load More is being used more and more and has a better user experience.

    Portfolio Layout – Assuming that the ajax portfolio is coming, please consider the preview panel above the portfolio grid on the same page, or even better, in between (above or below) the item that was selected. Also nice to have a link for preview or full view. For my case, a light-box link is not necessary. And it would be awesome if there were more hover overlay options. Really like the one from Choices theme.

    Please improve the page builder so we can edit the code that is produced for each page. This would allow us to enter custom classes for images, for example, custom overlays, etc. Doesn’t seem very open right now and restricts creativity. Thank you. :)


    Please add an option to disable the hover lightbox for selected Post / Portfolio images. At least for my case, my sites are based on content and I have no need to use the lightbox on my images. The hover effect is very distracting when trying to read an article. Having an option to selectively set this for each article would be great. Thanks.


    Regarding the “Load More” function for Portfolio showcase and Blog, have you considered an “Infinite Scroller”? I believe that some of them also offer a manual setting, which would be similar to a “Load More” button. Thanks.


    Regarding the theme icons, I hope the icon list get’s updated. I definitely prefer font awesome, which I feel has a much better selection of icons, especially for my business. It would also be nice to have the icons as short-codes, so they can be used within the page builder. Of course, it would be nice to select the icon size. I have seen this feature with many of the other themes. Thanks.


    Would love to see the breadcrumbs as a short-code, where I can insert into my desired location. Having it in the upper right header, forces me to use the page header. And it’s not the desired location for our users. I prefer to use my own header using the layer slider and hen I can place the breadcrumbs above my articles or anywhere in my header. Thanks..

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)