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    Thanks a lot. This is working very well!
    Best regards, Loola

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    Oh no, now the client ist not satisfied with this solution.
    Now I wanted to ask if there is the following possibility:
    – for the presentation on the PC everything is wonderful and should remain the same
    – for the view on the tablet / smartphone, we have considered whether it is possible instead of the overlays to display the caption as a caption. Is there a way that I might insert a line of text with the title and this is just to see the tablet / smartphone or is there any other setting that makes this possible?
    Or maybe you have a constructive idea, like a picture caption on the tablet / smartphone is possible without changing the PC view with the overlay.

    Many Thanks..
    Best Regards Loola

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    Thank you very much. This was very helpful!
    Best Regard Loola

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    I have got one more question concerning a website I am working on (see the link below)
    The Images show on Rollover a transparent overlay which includes the description of the image. This is very nice shown on the normal screen of the computer. Unfortunately on the tablet and the smartphone this is not shown. There are only the images without the overlay. But to keep an overview of the project in this case it is very important that the description is always available. But I can`t find any possibility that perhaps on the smartphone the description is for example shown on the bottom of the image instead of the overlay (is this is not possible on the tablet).
    Could you give me an option how I can find a way, that on the tablet/smartphone the description is also shown?

    Thank You very much!
    Best regards Loola

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    Hello once more,

    now I rather managed that the image is shown also on the Smartphone with full width: i integrated the following code:
    #av_section_1 {
    background-size: contain;

    Is this correct for all browsers an can I use this?
    More over now I habe got another problem: I the color section I have to define a certain height for the image, if not it is only shown in a cut version. And now if I look at the image on the smartphone, there is below the image a huge blank space and I have to scroll down a lot to see the further content. How can I avoid this? Which settings do I need in the color section that the image is completely shown (and not cut – this is the effect if I don`t define any height) and at the same time do not have the blank space on the smart phone…
    Thanks a lot

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    Hello and good morning,
    I have a question about my first wordpress site
    At the top of the menu, I inserted a color section with a background image. This extends screen filling from left to right. On the laptop everything looks very good, only when I look at the website on the smartphone is this picture just cropped. What setting should I make to display it in a scaled version on the width of the smartphone or tablet?
    Many thanks for the support

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    Hi Rikard,

    i already checked this. But for the main menu I do not have the option to change the font – weight. I can only choose the font and the font-size and -color. In the fonts selection the font open sans light is not mentioned. I wanted to have al light font for the Main Menu, but also if I choose another font, there are no “light” options. And the code with the font-weight only works in Safari Browser.

    Could you tell me perhaps another way?
    Many thanks
    Best regards
    Diana Loola

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    Thanks! That worked very well!!!!

    But now I have got one more question: For the Main Menu (top right side) I wanted the font Open Sans Light. Unfortunately I can t choose this option in the styling options. So I added in the field for “Quick CSS” the following script:
    .av-main-nav > li > a {
    font-weight: 100;

    The Safari Browser does accept it and the Font is shown in its light version. But Firefox and Chrome do not notice this change.
    Could you help me also in this case? Thank you for the editing.

    Best Regards.
    Diana Loola

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