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    Dear Support team..

    i have two questions…

    1. pls tell me this, something strange happends…visit

    and look the image

    as you can see the circles have black letters — i would like to make them green so i change the color in the enfold.css (/httpdocs/wpsitia/wp-content/uploads/dynamic_avia) , i upload the file and the letters because green in the point i saw you and somewhere else i want…see……NOW after while the settings lost and the letters from green became black again. I upload the css file again and the other day the same problem…

    What is happening??

    And the 2nd question…

    pls see photo

    Thanks guys

    KInd regards,



    Hi xrisxal2000,

    You should *never* modify the dynamic_avia file yourself via ftp. That file is what the theme modifies. So each time you do something in the styling tab it will re-write that file.

    All your own css should be added to the Quick CSS field or the custom.css file in your css folder.

    I’m not getting your second issue but I suspect its linked with the first since you should not ever be modifying the file you had been manually.

    The http:// in the testimonial needs to be deleted from that field when you edit the testimonial. Just scroll down in that window.




    Thanks Devin – great help —

    So what i must add in the custom.css in order to have the green color my template permently??

    Thank you very much,

    kind regrads,




    You can add something like this on your custom.css

    .main_color h3 {
    color: #83a846;




    Thanks ismael for once more, i really appreciate it..!!!!!!

    Kindest regards,




    Glad it worked. :)



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