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    Since I have updated the ENFOLD theme with the latest version- I have 2 odd issues.

    1- Pasword protection on page is not working at all – I deleted and recreated it. – Still doesnt password protect – Any suggestions? Members only page –

    2 – Woocommerce styling page does not take custom colors at all? Colors wont save?


    The woocommerce did take the colors before the last update – huh?

    Ignore the password thing – fixed


    Hi imoutsidethebox2,

    As far as I know all color settings for WooCommerce are handled by the theme.




    Did you ever figure out the password protect problem? I am also using Enfold and the members page of my site is supposed to be password protected. I made the visibility of the post Password Protected, gave it a password and updated it, but the page never asks for the password, just displays the contents of the page. Tried sending the page to others from another computer and different browser, same problem. What can I do?



    It is working properly on our end. Do you have any plugins? Please deactivate them, see if they have something to do with the issue.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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