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    Hy guys, first of all compliments! Great theme!

    I’ve a problem, I’ve to set-up portfolios with integrated Youtube Playlist.. I create 3 diferent Portfolio elements and try tu integrate these elements in this page:

    Clinic 1 is a YouTube “Single Video” Published, and works correctly…
    Clinic 2 is a Youtube “Single Video” Not listed, and works correctly…
    Clinic 3 is a Youtube “Playlist” of Published videos but doesn’t work.. When I click Play an error is showed.

    I’ve tried with several playlist, it seams is not possible to integrate YouTube Palylist in portfolios, why?

    Thank you the community for your help.


    Hey sosturismodentale!

    Yes, the lightbox and wordpress (which uses the oembed protocol to embed the youtube player: ) do not support youtube playlists but just single videos. This is a technical limitation. You can try to install this plugin: and to embed the playlist on a single portfolio page. This playlist will not open on the portfolio grid page (like the lightbox you use at the moment) but I’m not aware of another solution/workaround.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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