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    Hey guys,

    I can’t find an open topic on this anymore, because the last one is closed and the one before that ended with Kriesi saying the new update would fix it :)

    Even though it’s a small issue, I would really like to see it fixed in an update sometime and I’m sure sure lots of other people would be happy with a fix as well. Are you guys any closer to figuring our why it won’t scale/show?

    I believe Kriesi was the only one of you guys who could test on iPhone, but here’s a link anyway: http://mep.raffeltest.nl

    Thanks in advance, love the support guys!


    I have the same issue. Unfortunately, I posted a new thread before I saw this one. Apparently installing a new copy of the theme fixes the problem, at least it did for the last person who had a similar thread open a day ago. Doing that didn’t fix it for me. It must be something else, but I don’t know what.


    Hmm, when I did the last update, I replaced ALL files, so that apparently didn’t fix it for me either.



    Did you remove the browser cache then reload the page a few times? If you have a cache plugin, please flush the settings. Disable all your plugins, see if it works. I already tagged the topic to Kriesi. Let’s wait for his response.


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    I only have kismet, bbpress, bbpress moderation, jetpack by wordpress.com, woocommerce, and wordpress seo (by yoast). All the latest versions. I can’t live without a single one of them. And yeah, cache cleared.

    You should post a forum rules that tells people to do some basic things AND THEN make a post. That would certainly cut your support work down. I am sure I missed something that most people do (besides cache and refresh).

    I would also LOOOOOOVE if there were a page that listed some basic functions that can be added to custom css to make changes like what I needed help with to change the promo box to a regular form submission box (like the submit button on this reply to form). That would answer many questions people have as well and they could extrapolate more from what they get on those pages. But I guess all that custom css editing would really make your job harder if it was the custom code that caused the problem. Hrmm, I dunno.

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    @ismael | Disabled everything, still looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/qAYkmGD.png

    @Alex | Should be a lot easier to find answers when doing a search now that the tagging of post is easier. Lets hope more people do that! I do agree on the page with certain quick fixes or popular lines of css etc… DId you pitch it for the next version, in the ideas thread? :)


    I didn’t pitch it in that thread. I thought it was more of a support site thing, but it would be cool to see it in the documentation. Perhaps a collection of all the cool short code tweaks created in this forum. That sounds like quite a task though.



    The most recent version of the theme is 2.2 which was release this week. http://mep.raffeltest.nl still shows it running on 2.2 so please re-download the theme files from your downloads on ThemeForest and then re-install on top of your current site and update all files with the new version.



    Updated and I see some other things working now, so that’s great, but the parallax effect sadly still isn’t fixed on me and my coworkers’ iPhone :/


    I’m alright with it not being fixed right away now, but is it safe for me to assume it’ll be incorporated into a coming update? :)


    As far as I know Kriesi has not found a true fix for it. The changes made are such that it degrades to a static image on mobile which I believe is what Kriesi intends.

    But he is working on putting out 2-3 updates a month on Enfold so I’ll add it as an issue to be re-addressed.





    Yes at the moment its behaving as intended, meaning it falls back to a standard non fixed image. The problem is, that in order to make parallax backgrounds happening on iOS one would need two include two additional javascript libraries. This is a lot of extra load for this simple effect and I am currently hesitating to add it on mobile devices, which are also usually running on slower connections.

    But I am watching out for solutions that require less resources. If I find any be sure that I will add the fix :)


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