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    Dear Support team,
    I would like to define featured images fot all pages, in order to see them in all kinds of “Related Pages” widgets as thumb.

    On the single page itself, I do not want to see the featured image.

    I tried to insert all CSS I found here in the forum, one after the other, in the “Quik CSS” field in the general option. But none of them worked. (Yes, I did clean caches, reload and everything.)
    Could you please have a look at the page (… URL follows in the private content field)) and tell me which CSS code I have to enter in the quick CSS field? The red square right at the beginning of the page is defined as featured image.

    Thanks a lot & have a nice day,


    Hey Tom!

    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .page-thumb {
        display: none;



    Hi Josue,
    thanks for the quick answer.
    I put your code to Quick CSS, emptied all caches (W3 & local Browser Chaches), but it does not change. The Image is still there… .

    Any idea what I do wrong?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Hey Tom!

    I believe is a caching problem with the dynamic style (we solved this in the latest release, 2.9.1). Try updating.

    Best regards,


    Hey Josue,
    all right, thank you – I’m still building the page & working on the content, so I didn’t realize that the version might be outdated. I will update…

    Hey Devin, also thank you for your answer. That’s weird, I do still see the red Logo, even after deleten all caches.
    OK, let’s see what the update brings.
    Hey Devin, yould you mind marking your answer as private of deleting the pic? I don’t like my Pages showing in tech forums. Thanks :-)



    Hi Tom,

    Devin’s answer is now private, do the update and let us know how it goes :)



    Thanks Josue.
    OK, I did the update & found some interesting things:

    After the update & deleting all caches (the W3 total cache in the backend, plus the caches in Firefox & safari), I still saw the logo. (Which is interesting, because Devin did not see it …).

    As soon as I deactivate W3 total cache, the logo is gone. So it definitely is a cache problem.
    Once I reactivate W3, the logo is there again. Although I deleted the cache several times.

    So thanks – from your side, the problem seems to be resolved, the problem seems to be on the W3 side, now… .

    Thanks for your help,


    Yes, that appears to be. Try purging the cache again.


    Got it!

    Thank you very much for using the word “purge” in your comment. Actually I wasn’t aware until now what purge means, and only used the “clear cache”. I’m using a CDN, and purging the CDN completely resolved the problem. Obviously, some relevant file was stored in the CDN and not updated whan clearing the cache … and that caused the page to show incorrectly.
    (That does not really explain to me why Devin saw the correct version … probably he was served from some other CDN location than me … .)

    Thanks for your help, everything fine now,



    You are welcome Tom, always glad to help :)


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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