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    This is the page: http://www.adw.cl/contacto/

    I am using contact form from Enfold Theme and have a few questions:

    1. I am not receiving the autorespond mail. I think maybe has to do with the hosting, so I contacted them and hope to have news tomorrow. I understand only having a Autorespond text, this is the expected behaviour, if not, please tell me.
    2. Is it possible to have some ‘advanced’ html in the autorespond text? For example images and custom fields (like the name of the person who contacted). Or some predefined page?
    3. Confirmation message style is not attractive, it’s just a text in a blank page. Is it possible to have a predefined html or load a page for the confirmation message?

    If the answer to one of the questions above is negative, do you recomend some plugin that can do that in an easy way to configure?

    Thanks a lot!!



    Hi jmaguirrei!

    For 1, yes it could be a hosting issue if the host doesn’t allow mail to be sent from an outside domain or even automated emails to be sent out from the server.

    2) No, you would need to use a third party plugin to have customization like that.

    3) This is on purpose so that the email is less likely to be rejected, marked as spam or prevented from being sent out by the server. So the same as #2.

    I would recommend using a service like MailChimp together with a plugin that support its integration. We’ll be adding support for an api like that down the road but it will probably not be until next year.



    Hi Devin

    I cheched that mi domain (adw.cl) and it is marked as spam in, for example, gmail.
    So, the autoresponse is sent, but gmail stores that at spam folder.

    2 questions:
    1. Is it something that I have to configure in Enfold or WordPress, so my domain should not be marked as spam, or its 100% about the hosting?
    2. Do you know about or recomend a pluging for mail customization, even a good payed one, that integrates with mailchimp?

    Thanks a lot!



    Please try this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/

    Best regards,

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