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    Hi there support team,

    I just removed the sidebar from the blog page as I don’t really feel the need the users of my website have to have a double menu, when they have one on the top and the rest in the footer.

    Go here to see that the date of postage etc doesn’t really look organized:

    The articles and footer don’t really look organized either on this page.


    Hi Tomskii,

    Looks like you have a plugin or a number of plugins that are causing conflicts with the theme and making its basic styles unable to fully load.

    So first thing to try is disable all active plugins and then re-enable them one by one to find the offending plugin.




    Ok Devin,

    Thanks, I’ll try it tomorrow as it’s already 11PM here and I’ve got an exam coming up tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!


    Ok i’ve checked it now as I had a bit more time. It seems like it’s the Social Media Widget causing the footer to be disturbed. But only on the blog page (kindoff odd no?).

    Also any solution on the blog part which doesn’t look as it should? (date, time, etc) That didn’t resolve with disabling all plugins



    I can’t inspect your website. Please deactivate plugins.




    Hi Ismael,

    I’ve disabled the copy protection plugin, you should be able to inspect the website now :)


    The date format and stuff has been sorted out by updating to 2.0.1 so must’ve been a problem on your side.

    Only remains the footer, I don’t understand why it’s not like it should be on the blog page but on all the other pages it works like it should. So Ismael you can check it if you would be so kind :)


    please? :)



    Did you change anything on the theme files? I’m not sure why the #footer div is inside the the container. Can you please delete that page then recreate it from scratch?




    I did not change anything, I’ll recreate the page from scratch and post what the outcome was.




    I’ve deleted the page then made a new one and it remains the same, should I remove something from a file or?


    You’ve still got a whole list of errors coming up relating to plugins. Can you try disabling all active plugins, logging out of wordpress and then logging back in? This includes any drop ins like Jetpack as well.




    Well I can disable the social media widget, that’s the one causing the footer to go all nuts. Still weird why it only happens on the blog page though and not the other pages.

    EDIT: Disabled every plugin now.


    allright, I decided not to bother with it. I’ll just find a new social media plugin which doesn’t screw up my footer :P


    Ok so whatever widget I use, the blog page keeps getting messed up (well the footer). This doesn’t seem normal to me at all. I’m using Twitter Widget Pro (which is supported now) and it does the same. So what the hell is wrong with the footer on that page, I just don’t get it.



    You’re still using the same plugin when I check

    Please try addthis and sharethis social plugins.




    Yes I used the same plugin because whatever plugin I use (even the enfold twitter and RSS widget) it just breaks up like that. I’ve reinstalled the theme and all that to make sure it wasn’t a fault on my side.



    Please use the It doesn’t break the layout of the theme.

    Refer to this link on how to add the buttons: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-header?replies=4#post-134606

    Use the Text widget to add the addthis social button code on the Footer – Column widget area.




    Ok thanks Ismael, I’ll give it a shot and keep you posted!


    Well quick update, I found the bad boy. I had a plugin called read more tag inline. And apparantly it changes up some code causing the fault. I failed to notice it before because I thought it was the social media widget causing it.

    Greetings and thanks for your help,




    Glad you figured it out.

    You should try addThis plugin, it’s good. :)



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