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    Is there a way to create a homepage that shows portfolio items in a full-width single column with parallax background (preferably pulling the featured image or something for the background), with the title/excerpt on top? And when clicked, will go to the single portfolio item page.

    This is what I’m shooting for:

    There’s gotta be a way with all the great Enfold layout editor options. Thanks!



    You can build that with Color Sections and Title/Text/Icons elements, but i guess what you want is to have it dynamic so it gets the data from the portfolio items automatically, that is possible with a custom template (custom loop) and the do_shortcode function, but it would require some heavy custom coding, unfortunately that’s beyond the support scope we can offer.



    Yea, I was basically wondering if there was a setting in the portfolio grid (maybe with a little CSS magic) that would give me full-width, clickable portfolio entries.

    If I were to create a custom loop just for the homepage, which shortcode would you be calling for “do_shortcode”?


    You would recreate the desired layout for a singular element on a different Page to get the generated shortcodes to use on the Loop(you can enable (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /”>this to see the shortcodes).


    I don’t really have to do anything with the avia shortcodes, though, right? I could just create a separate homepage loop for portfolio-items and style as necessary…?


    Yes, you don’t have the modify the core files, some CSS adjusting may be necessary. I made an example template (cloned template-builder.php) you can use to start: (custom stuff should be around line 34).


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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