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    Dude, you are AWESOME!

    Thank you!

    For everyone else, I highly suggest you update these files – it’s so much more convenient to have a subject for your emails!

    in reply to: Shortcodes for Display theme #34507

    The forum over at ThemeForrest is a joke. More than half the people advertising their services are young kids with little experience. I started talking to one of them and he didn’t even know what shortcodes were – you would at least think he would look this up before contacting me. But that’s the level of experience we’re reaching out to on that forum.

    Please find it in the interest of Kriesi’s themes to put together a trusted list of skilled WP developers for hire. I know it would be appreciated by all.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31586

    I finally solved this problem – at least it’s working.

    Here’s what I did to fix the problem.

    In the template_portfolio.php file, I changed this:


    to this:


    I’m not sure what the “$query_string” code does, but I checked the template_blog.php file and it didn’t have it and was working, so I figured I try to copy it on the template_porfolio.php file and see what happened. It worked.

    Can someone tell me what $query_string does in this case? And was it okay to delete?

    Thank you,


    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31585

    Hi James,

    I hate to keep asking, but it’s been over a month since I posted this problem. It’s not like I’m asking for a hack or custom modification, it’s suppose to be supported by this theme. I’ve emailed Kreisi through the Contact page a couple of times with no response.

    I would really appreciate you helping me with this as I love the them, but need this function to work.

    Thank you,


    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31583

    Attention to this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Patiently awaiting a response,


    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31582


    I’m just wondering if you received my email and you had a chance to look into this problem.


    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31579
    in reply to: Is displaying Pages in a Portfolio possible? #33072

    I have figured this out.

    It is possible to display Pages just like a post. If anyone is interested, there is a string of code offered in the comments of the Ninja Page Categories and Tags plugin page. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -plugin/

    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31576

    Please help. I still can’t get this working.

    I’m also wondering if it’s possible to include the sorting function that comes with Avisio in the Display theme portfolio? Couldn’t find documentation on that here.


    in reply to: Portfolio pagination #31575

    Hi James,

    Yes, I’ve installed the latest version. The problem page can be found here:

    As you can see, there is no pagination option. However, I know it’s working as exists.

    I also checked the template_portfolio.php file and can see that it is set up to display pagination with this code:


    if ($boxnumber == 3) echo ‘</div>’;

    $boxnumber = $boxnumber == 3 ? ‘1’ : $boxnumber + 1;


    if($boxnumber != 1){

    echo ‘</div>’;





    Thank you for your help!

    in reply to: MailChimp #32709

    Never-mind. I was able to find and edit the CSS for the MailChimp plugin. For those of you curious – it’s located within the mailchimp.php file.

    in reply to: Adjust footer's page list to exclude some pages #31474

    In the “Pages” widget, there is an option to exclude pages by entering in the page ID’s. This is how I accomplished this same problem.

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