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    Hi Josue,
    First of all, thank you a lot for your super fast reply! You guys rock!
    Secondly, and most importantly, please forgive me for wasting your time: your code and instructions on Reply #416160 works perfectly. The problem was only a silly mistake of mine caused by a subtle lack of attention which stroked me for a moment. Fortunately I was able to figure out and fix before bothering you even more without a proper reason.
    Once again, thanks and sorry!
    Best wishes,

    in reply to: Insert code above in social links whatsapp #451467

    I’m also needing to add Whatts App social icon and link, however the instructions Reply #416160 above didn’t work for me. In spite of importing the Fontello icon (this part is OK), adding the suggested code to Enfold Child functions.php (on the wp backend’s ‘editor’) and saving and updating everything after each step, the Fontello Whats App icon doesn’t show up in Enfold’s “Social Profiles” dropdown menu.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thannk you!

    in reply to: Remove "Import Parent Theme Settings" button #294770

    Hey Josue,
    Your tip did the trick, precisely!
    Superb support!
    Many thanks!

    Thank you Peter, once again!

    Best regards,


    Thank you Peter, it worked perfectly!

    I’ve just a further question: Is it possible to set a custom CSS code to choose the font colour on footer’s widget titles? If so, how would be that?

    Many thanks, once again!

    in reply to: Slider Fade not working in Choices Theme #132845

    Same problem here!!!

    I’ve upgraded WP to v3.6 and after that made a slight change to caption title and… kaput! it doesn’t work anymore.

    We need a fix, please !

    in reply to: Title for Sidebar Subnavigation list? #118190

    Hi Ismael,

    It did the trick indeed, many thanks. But then it was needed to prevent the children pages from being automatically displayed on the sidebar menu. In order to do that, I edited the sidebar.php file and inserted comments /* and */ respectively before and after the mentioned function, and I’ve finally accomplished the task.

    Thank you very much indeed for your insight. It was definitely very helpful.

    Kindest regards,


    in reply to: Moving Slider's Caption Alignment #101612

    Sorry guys, this issue seems to be specific to my computer, as I’ve tested on other devices and it didn’t happen. I’ve no idea why it’s happening with my computer, but what really matters are my customers, which should be viewing my website nicely as usual, I hope.

    Thank you for your comprehension and sorry for wasting your time.

    Best regards,


    in reply to: Moving Slider's Caption Alignment #101611

    Hi guys,

    Sorry to bother you again, but suddenly (seriously, I didn’t change anything after I applied the fix you provided me!) the featured caption text (not the H1, the smaller ones) is overflowing on its right side (for both left/right and right/left slide in options). I really don’t know if it was trigged by a webkit browser update or whatever is the real reason, but I DO know that it looked good and suddenly looked like a mess, without any action from me. I’ve also noticed that it is happening with your choice’s live demo too (, so probably it’s something deeper than my personal config.

    Is there any fix for that?

    Thank you, once again!

    in reply to: CSS sprites social icons #106506

    Hi Devin, thank you for your prompt response.

    Yeah, I think you’re quite right, it’s a lot of work for little benefit. I was hoping that there was an easier fix for that, but CSS sprites are definitely a little complicated for my current knowledge in this field. Anyway, I may try that in future. I’m actually already using w3 cache (for two days now), and it has indeed improved my page speed score dramatically (from 52 to 90!) but I was trying to improve it even further, and Google’s PageSpeed labeled the CSS sprites job as a “high priority” thing to do. It seems a little exaggerated though. Certainly my website has other priorities which I shall address first, such as content.

    Thank you very much for your attention, once again!



    in reply to: Moving Slider's Caption Alignment #101609

    Hi Devin,

    This is it. Worked perfectly. MANY THANKS!

    Best wishes,


    in reply to: Moving Slider's Caption Alignment #101607

    Hi Devin, thank you for your prompt response. The fix worked perfectly, thank you very much.

    Regarding #2, If possible, I’d just like to bring the outer border of Caption Title and Caption text (on both sides) to be displayed a little bit more to the center of the screen (though not aligned in the center), In other words, I’d like to increase the distance between the edge of the slider and it’s captions. I don’t mind if eventually the captions surpass the middle of the screen to the opposite side, as long as it keep a “margin” from the slider’s edge on the same side which the captions are placed.

    Once again, thank you very much for your time and willing to help. Kriesi’s framework is wonderful and I’m impressed with it’s quality, ease of use, possibilities of customization as well the great support provided. You guys rock!

    in reply to: Moving Slider's Caption Alignment #101605

    1. Thank you for your prompt response Dude! It worked perfectly for the “Caption Text”. Now, I just need to make the same to the “Caption Title”. Would you please point me which code should I use for accomplishing that? Many thanks!

    2. I’ve also another question: · How can I change the padding of the “Caption Title” and “Caption Text” in the Choices/Avia’s Moving Slider? Thank you very much, once again!

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