Welcome to Flagship, a bold & clean business theme!

Plans and Pricing

Flexibly Templates

1The theme uses a flexible template system that enables you to create stunning pages out of the box with no coding knowledge at all

Unlimited Skins

2The theme comes with several predefined skin options but also utilizes a color and background image switcher, a font-switch for headings and several other layout options.

Content Importing

3You can now setup a wordpress installation that looks like this demo with just a single click of your mouse. Amazing to get started and accustomed to the theme.


4To get your content displayed properly the theme uses wordpress shortcodes. Visual previews help you while creating those shortcodes so you don’t need to memorize the codes 🙂

Build your own Skins

The supersmart WordPress Backend will definitley help!

Mobile Optimized

Responsive Design and Slideshows with touchcontrol

Let us know what you think

Don’t be shy and get in touch, let us know if you likte the theme

One size fits it all

Business or Portfolio, Blog or Photography. Everything already included

Social Media Profiles

Link to all of your social media profiles with ease


The theme is translation ready and optimized for the WPML Plugin

Recent Work

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Discover the world!


iPhones n’ Stuff

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