Portfolio 4 Columns

This is an example of a sortable 4 Column Portfolio.
Four each Portfolio Page you create (any number possible) you can set column count, sidebar alignment, pagination and item count, as well if its sortable or not.
You also got the option to display either Image only or Image +  Excerpt. Enjoy!

A nice little Portfolio Slideshow

You can embed more than one preview image for each post and page

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Lorem ipsum Entry

A Lorem ipsum entry with a lorem ipsum preview text

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Wallpaper Collection: Catastrophe

A impressive collection of wallpapers, showing the end of the world

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Funky Moon

Absolute Funky soundtrack, composed by Mr. Michael Mikkeson

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Beer Advertising

CG rendered short ad for light Beer. Looks quite nice

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Single Rule

There is only one rule according to Barney Stinson: The Platinum Rule

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My personal Homepage. Take a look and feel free to leave a comment

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Star Trek 2009 Trailer (Youtube)

One of the best trailers ever seen. Amazing orchestral music, even cool for those who don’t like the franchise

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Perfect Grid

A Perfect grid layout is something beautiful. Designing by grid is very rewarding

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Avatar Trailer (Youtube)

Another youtube embed: this time its Avatar by James Cameron

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The third and the Seventh

A full CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view .

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Another nice Video Clip

Some Vimeo clips are just to nice to hide them so here we go!

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