Hello & Welcome to the Coalition Theme Demo!
Coalition is an elegant WordPress one Page Portfolio Theme

One Page Portfolio

A Theme that is created to be used as a One Page Template. With the help of a Template Builder you can create a single page which holds all your content.

Basic WordPress Theme

The theme can also be used as a “normal” WordPress theme. In that case Coalition will behave like any other WordPress theme with a blog, posts, pages etc

Definitley the most versatile One Page Portfolio I have ever seen
Max Power – Themeforest

Portfolio Example – This headings color corresponds to the menu item color which can be controlled from the backend

This is a portfolio example. You can choose to display a different column count and also if the items should link to the portfolio entries or if only lightbox openening should be possible so that is a true one page portfolio.

Image with Lightbox

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Video Directly Embedded

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Video In Lightbox

Click to open Lightbox

Youtube – Absolute Moon

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Flash Video SWF

From graphics to web.

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We also offer plus.


This is an excerpt.

AviaThemes soon?

Another nice excerpt

Youtube Video Preview

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Template Features – some things you can do with the this theme

The Theme comes with some nice features that will make your life much easier when it comes down to setting up your own site. Just click the list items bellow to read about some of those features.

Layout Builder

Create custom page layouts via drag and drop in  minutes

Multi Purpose Slideshow

A stylish Slideshow, able to show any number of Videos and Images

Top support

16000 Posts in our support forum. We do care!


Coalition of course comes with quite a few shortcodes for nice and efficient content styling. Just like this toggle shortcode.

External pages and blog

Other than most one page themes you can spice things up by including a blog or a static page, outside of the scope of your frontpage, just in case you need it.
Here are two examples:

Template Builder

The Theme uses a smart template builder system to aggregate post and page content at your frontpage. Easy and fast to use, so you can set up your site within a few minutes :) The template builder also enables you to spice up your blog by choosing colors for each section.

Multi Purpose Slider

The theme uses a neat  slideshow that smoothly fades images and videos.

Video Embedding

Coaltion allows you to embed videos of any kind, self hosted or external (like vimeo or youtube) almost everywhere. Need to show some video content to your users? No problem :)

Ajaxed Portfolio and Blog

To stay true to the one page motto you can add paginated blogs and portfolios that will load content via ajax if the user clicks the pagination links…


The Preview Image you can see above can be added with the help of your template builder to spice up several sections of your website if you need or want to do that :)

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