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    I am having the same problem as this now closed thread (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -variation

    No solution was explained in the thread and I wonder if anyone can help?

    It seems that when a user selects one of the attributes from the drop down it shows the small image in the preview box, but then if you hover over it it shows the last large image that was selected from the main thumbnails, or if no thumbnails then it zooms in on the Main featured image.

    Many thanks



    Can anyone help with this? Can someone tell me how they fixed the issue before?




    Anyone? It is driving me nuts. As far as I can diagnose it is the data-o_href on the a tag that is not updating when the variation is selected from the drop down. You can see the problem here – (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    The thumbnails work fine, but if you select a color from the dropdown and then hover it shows the last clicked thumbnail.


    Is no one else having this issue? Guess I will just have to go with Lightbox on multiple images for variations.



    I am also having this problem, is there a current fix or work-around?

    Also jennie2104, I love what you have done with your site!,

    Is anyone able to help me with how you placed payment logos in the footer?

    And also how you customised the 4 column widget area at the bottom with a background image




    Hey @ashjayjay

    Thanks for your nice comments on the site – re the logos in the footer – I just tweaked the footer.php to add them in place of the social links.

    The widget area image is just added with CSS as a background

    #top #footer { background: #111 url(../images/cog.png) no-repeat right bottom !important; }

    Hope that helps.



    Hi Jen,

    Unfortunately the actual resolution for the issue was that its not fixable. The user who said it was fixed was mistaken and emailed me shortly after we closed the thread and after having Kriesi take a look he posted that it wasn’t something he would be able to fix as it would cause issues with the way his hover image script worked.

    I’ll check back with him now to see if he has been able to look at it again since then.

    Also for next time, our topic Queue goes by last post within a thread and then by oldest first. So self bumping actually pushes a question/topic further back. The idea is usually self responses are fixes and or self resolutions but I’ve lately been looking at new posts lists since I see so many people self bumping these days. Not the perfect system but we’re trying to catch up from a recent huge influx of posts :)




    Thanks Devin, I appreciate you coming back to me with an update!



    Hi Jen,

    It looks our Senior support crew member Peter wrote a script to address the image changing with variations. So there will either be a tutorial written by him coming soon on how to implement it or it will be included in an update to the theme.



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