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    Please let me know if this is a WooCommerce issue or if I’m doing something wrong.

    I’m using Adundance and WooCommerce for a company that sell hats. On this product:

    The initial view works well, the zoom and lightbox show the correct larger photo. The problem is that if I select the color of, for example, Light Gray; then if I hover over the displayed Light Gray photo, the zoom or lightbox shows the previous larger photo.

    Or on this product I have four example photos of the hat:

    Zoom and lightbox work fine before fabric color is selected. But if I select fabric color of Blue Glitter for example, the zoom/lightbox shows the previous larger photo.

    Is something that can be fixed, so the chosen color shows the correct photo with the zoom or lightbox. Or if that’s not possible, I assume some basic code changes could disable the zoom/lightbox on product pages?


    I found this support topic at the WooThemes site:

    This fixes my issue if I use the lightbox method; now when I choose a fabric color, the lightbox will show the larger fabric color photo. The only remaining issue is that the fabric color lightbox photo will show the title of the main product photo. Not ideal, but I just changed the main product photo title to be generic to all the hats (Choucas Glide).


    Good to see you’ve found a solution, a generic title is a good alternative. I wouldn’t know how to make the title dynamic either.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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