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    when trying to insert a youtube video inside sidebar tabs, it only works if i have 1 tab = 1 video…

    when adding 2nd tab = 2nd video, the page goes empty…

    i assume same happens if i use toggles insted of tabs

    plz. help


    same issue with toggles… when inserting 2 toggles with youtube… no video is displayed…

    (only works with 1 toggle = 1 video)

    here is the code :

    [toggle_container keep_open=”false” initial_open=”1″]

    [toggle title=”video 1″]

    <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”640″ height=”360″></iframe>


    [toggle title=”video 2″]

    <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”640″ height=”360″></iframe>






    Hi tasoskouk,

    Generally we try and provide a response within 24 hours so sometimes we may not be able to get to a topic that quickly. I do apologize for the delay though :)

    As for the issue, when getting the code to embed the videos, try selecting the option for “Use old embed code” which will give you the object code instead of an iframe. I just did a quick test and it worked for me using three tabs.




    thx devin, seems to be working :-)

    this also means that iframes still have this issue, right ?… and question :

    is this (old youtube video) object script still responsive and viewable on tables/mobiles ?



    and the video dimensions are square, which is not their original dimensions… nor the numbers in the object script are square…



    It will not work on iPhone and iPads since Apple doesn’t support FLASH. Although this will work on devices made from Android and Symbian systems.




    so please check how you could fix the following :

    – display iframes/objects in the right dimensions (now we fix that using quick/custom css, but this limits us in various ways…)

    – correctly embed iframes/objects in several sidebars/toggles etc w/o losing responsiveness/mobility (no use of old scripts, no use of flash)



    Hi tasoskouk,

    Just to clarify on this, you can display youtube video via iframes within tabs if you let wordpress handle the embed for you. You can use the built in wordpress embed shortcode like the following:


    This will also keep the video responsive and in my test didn’t have any effect on the video dimensions.




    thx for your patience…

    but still does not work for me… check

    might be doing something wrong ?…


    Oh I see now. I was using tabs and not the toggle.

    Unfortunately I’m not sure that the toggle script can accommodate this kind layout. I’ve added a bit of css to your quick css to at least force the video iframe to load in, but even then it seems to be adjusting to a smaller viewport because its constrained by the toggle.

    Also, I fixed the youtube links in the embed shortcode as it should only be the video code.




    Devin thx for your assistance but the conclusion is that iframes/objects/embedings do not work correctly inside toggles/sidebars etc

    also you need to address the iframes (wrong) dimensions issue, which exists everywhere and also affects google maps etc – this might be more important IMHO

    we should have a more straighforward and easy way to embed iframes/objects inside our blogs (and keep them responsive/mobile ready)



    Hi Tasos,

    I’m not familiar with the other issue you are addressing so if you could describe it or link to a post where you already have, I’ll make sure its submitted to Kriesi for a bug fix.

    The issue with the iframes is specific to the toggle it looks like. I believe this is because of the javascript required to close them and move the content/hide it. I’ve sent a bug report to Kriesi about it but otherwise, you can always use the embed shortcode to simply add in video using the wordpress oembed function.


    I tested the responsive design on youtube embeds in this way and they do adjust to the viewport with the rest of the theme so that will work for you.




    bear with me Devin, but if you check my quick css and page,

    you’ ll see that iframes dimensions are in best case restricted by quick css… and never get their real dimensions directed by their script (either youtube, maps or whatever…)

    this is possibly an issue of the choices theme/avia framework and not a general one :-) so plz. try to help us with it



    The theme sets iframe content to 100% so if you don’t have them in a container like a column they will fill up the screen. This is so that they will be responsive when you shrink the screen down for other uses.


    sorry Devin i don’t get it… if you say that then why don’t you do the same with images ? in images you respect their dimensions and still are responsive, yes ?

    so if i am right why don’t you treat iframes like images ?

    when i put a youtube video or google map of eg. 400×300 dimensions (actually directed by the script) i want it 400×300 like i do with a 400×300 image… and when screen is resized you handle dimensions accordingly

    am i wrong ?


    I’m really not capable of answering that level of question as I’m not involved in creating the themes. It could be a technical reason or a design choice but I really can’t say for sure with accuracy.

    If you have any other support questions, we’ll do our best to answer.



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