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    I’ve searched the forum and have not found a solution to this problem.

    So on computers/laptop screens the Youtube Video I have on my slider works fine.

    However, when the site becomes responsive via Android – Galaxy S3, the video height becomes smashed, and when the video play button is pressed, sound can sometimes be heard like the video is playing, but the video screen is black.

    The only way to watch the video from android, is to press the FullScreen button.

    I’ve tried using <IFrame> tags and trying different sizes of the video. I just can’t get it to play using the slider and from my cell phone.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hey 2infinityme,

    Can we take a look at your site live? And if you can point out which one specifically just in case it isn’t clear for us :)




    Hello, thanks for the quick response. And yes, my site can be found here:



    If you want the width of your video to be 990px, your height needs to adjust proportionally. Please add the code below to your /css/custom.css file or to Quick CSS located in Coherence > Theme Options > Styling … at bottom of the page.

    #top .slideshow_container ul {
    height:560px !important;
    #top .slideshow li iframe {
    height: 560px !important;




    Thank you Nick. I checked on my girlfriends Galaxy S3, works like a charm. However my Galaxy S3 does not. Same phones, same basic internet app. My phone must be buggy. Or maybe it’s because her’s is white and mine is blue lol. I dunno, but I hope it’s working on everyone elses mobile phone but my own… Thanks again for your help, I added the code you provided :D



    Uninstall your browser and re-install it. Also make sure that you both have identical version of the operating system.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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