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    Love the abundance theme

    I have just noticed that the youtube video link in the slideshow has stopped working for my site last week i have tried all kind of variation of the you tube link but nothing seems to work. Running WP 3.3.1 the site is here its the second slide.You tube video url It was working perfectly last week. Any ideas ?




    Also noticed this problem



    Abundance was recently updated, the new issues that came with the new WP update should all be solved. You can download the newest version from ThemeForest (for free).


    Chris – regarding theme updates as for this Youtube prob: there is one little thing you guys could improve to make life for all of us much easier – and I assume it would not be a lot of work either:

    include some sort of upgrade notification, so we see if and when and to what version the theme has been updated.

    At least a notification thread here on the forums, even better an update notification in our admin panel.

    right now there seems to be no other way than re-downloading and looking into the files to find out if there is a new release… kinda cumbersome…

    cheers & thanks



    hi chris, I have downloaded and installed the new abundance files and the video still wont work for me and now all my products have disappeared, Can you help please as this is a live site which is now missing videos and products


    the products are still there but nothing displaying the or homepage this on top of the video not displaying is causing my great concern, any help to resolve asap it would be appreciated



    update : I have found the woocommerce product issue solution here

    but i am still having problems with the video not displaying in the slide show



    can you check the video url please. It seems like there’re some additional characters (spaces, etc.) after the url. Make sure that the url is exactly



    i have checked the url and it still doesn’t seem to have an effect. In the page source it shows correctly

    <div class="inner_caption"><h1>Barneys Flood / Sand Bags</h1></div></div><li class='featured featured_container2' ><img src='' title='sandbags12' alt='' /><div class='slideshow_video embeded_video'><a href=""></a>




    hi any solution to this ? i have had to put a link to an embedded video page for the meantime


    Hi was this ever resolved? I am now having the same problem :)


    Hi bridieamelia,

    Yes this issue was fixed quite a while as far as I know. What issue exactly are you having now (as there are a few mentioned in this thread)?



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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