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    I am having difficulty getting the YouTube videos in the sliders to scale property. When you press play, black bars appear down the side and I can’t find out where to adjust the height of the video to fill it.

    Here is the site:



    you can adjust the slider size. I’m not sure if this will fix the youtube video aspect ratio problem. Open up functions.php and adjust following line/dimensions:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['portfolio2'] 	= array('width'=>460, 'height'=>260);		// medium preview pic for 2 column portfolio and small 3d slider


    I already tried adjusting that and it does not work. The height will not change.

    None of the YouTube buttons work either. Does the theme maybe need updated to suit the latest YouTube standards since they have been changed?


    We use the embed shortcode function: to embed vimeo, youtube, etc. We can’t influence the what the oembed protocol returns but we just add the output to our slider/theme code.


    I still think it’s something wrong with the slider code.

    Here is regular embed code in a text section. The video has no black side bars when played:

    Here is the same YouTube video (not using embed code) in your slider:

    The sliders height is too short and that is causing the video to scale in and show the black bars at the side.


    Yes – the slider has a height of 529px and the “other” video a height of 556px. Increase the slider/preview thumb height in functions.php and should get the same result.


    Changing the height in the functions.php section makes no difference, I tried that before and you already suggested it in a previous response.

    Is no-one else having the same problems? Seams like it would be a universal issue for anyone using YouTube videos in this theme….


    I think we’ve had one similiar report in the past. The embed object has the right size and isn’t cropped (no css code, etc. resizes the video) so the content inside the flash object is only influenced by youtube. Maybe it depends on the aspect ratio of the video if black bars appear (youtube supports 16:9 only) or not. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it. Maybe he finds something….


    Still no help…………

    I have found the code with the wrong height in FireBug and it looks like it is being produced from cu3er_container_2D_caption

    No idea how to fix it myself, nothing in the Style.css changes the height of the video, just the position on the page.

    Please get on to this, the theme is awesome but this is a big glitch for anyone looking to put YouTube videos on their site who buys this theme.


    We ran into the same problem with their Angular theme. They’re using WP’s oEmbed, which will let you add a max width and height ( So, you can try updating line 268 of helper-slideshow.php to [embed width="123" height="456"]…[/embed]. We tried it but it’s not yet working.

    So for those of you who like duct-tape, open /css/slideshow.css, comment out height:340px and add a max-height: to whatever you need to get rid of the letter-box. We used 401px for super-widescreen video aspect ratios (given that the max-width is 930px).

    As @dude says, it has a lot to do with the aspect ratio the video was shot in. There’s got to be a javascript somewhere that’s calculating a ratio of 16:9 (common, but not the only standard) and adding it to the

      element style. I’ll let the Kriesi guys figure out where that is.


    Hi jdowney,

    Thanks for the additional bandaid fix :) I believe this was recently forwarded to Kriesi from another thread so I’ll tag this to be looked when he gets a chance as well.



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