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    I wondered if you could help me. I added a common widget for social media buttons in my sidebar, but for some reason the youtube button won’t work? When I click on it, my sight try’s to open a lightbox? it’s really weird, as the other buttons work like normal. I’ve tried two kinds of widgets with same result. My site:

    Thanks so much, Jay



    Open up js/avia.js and replace:



    jQuery(".social-profiles a").addClass("noLightbox");


    It worked, Thank you!


    Hi Dude,

    Could you also give me the code for the youtube icon on the header? I ended up just using those on top as well, but now the youtube button on top tries to open a lightbox…

    Thanks so much, Jay


    Dude, Never mind last note, I figured it out already based on what you told me before…Cheers, Jay



    I’m having a similar problem in my sidebar. I tried your above solution but it did not work. I’m using the widget “Instapress” in my sidebar that displays all of my Instagram pics. However, when you click on them, they open up in lightbox. I want to disable lightbox ONLY for this sidebar and/or widget. I still want lightbox to function on the rest of the page. So is there anyway to isolate lightbox on the sidebar and disable it?

    Here’s my website. It’s the homepage that I’m talking about:

    Thanks so much in advanced!



    You can try to modify the code in js/avia.js – replace:






    Ahhh so close. It did work for the sidebar…the Instagram photos were successfully opening up in their own Fancybox without LightBox. However, this also effected the featured videos at the top of my page. When clicking on them now, it takes you to their Vimeo site. I really want to keep the Lightbox feature for those videos. That’s the problem I’m battling with I guess.

    Also, one thing to note. The page-id-1826 as noted in the above code is a different page I’ve been using as a test for this problem only. It is NOT this current Home page that we’re dealing with. This page ID is 1757. Not sure if that matters or not.

    Please let me know if there’s anything else that can be done. Thanks so so much again!









    Hey Chris,

    No, Unfortunately Lightbox still works in sidebar but it disables it for featured videos. Any other suggestions?

    Should I take away?:





    Hey Chris or Dude,

    I’ve been trying multiple variations of your suggestions and still nothing. Also researched a bunch and nothing is working. I’m really sorry but I’m all out of ideas. If you guys have any other suggestions I’m all ears. Thanks so much!






    I’m not sure if this will trigger js errors on pages without slideshow.

    Best regards,




    It worked! thank you so much. Instapress does not open up in Lightbox!

    So far I’m not noticing any errors either. I’ve gone through every page and it all works. I really really appreciate it!!!


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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