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    when i set a product as a “Up sells” under linked products, instead of displaying the products in a row 4×1 it displays them 2×2 (see images)

    When i looked at the code i see that the first product has a class “First” and the second has a class “last” and then the third has a class “first” and the fourth has a class “last”

    when i removed it so that only the first and last used the correct tags it worked, but what do i edit in the code to make this happen?


    Hi Transformers Universe!

    Please make sure that you are using latest versions of Replete, WordPress and WooCommerce
    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the theme via FTP:

    Best regards,


    hi there, i’ve updated a lot of my files though and dont want to loose my customisations? is there something else i can do thanks :)



    I guess only updating javascript files should fix slider issue. You can use a child theme though ( )

    Best regards,


    Thanks Yigit,

    So i should download the latest version of the theme, and update only JS files see what happens?



    Yes, please



    hi there just downloaded and update the JS folder within the theme, but its still not working

    it displays the first product with a class “first” and the second “last” and the third “first” and the fourth “last”

    it just needs to make the first and last do it?



    Are you using latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce as well? And can you post the link to your website?



    hey, yes both are the latest :) is it possible i can email you login information (as its behind a visitor wall) only admins can see the site?

    thanks yigit really appreciate your help



    You can post it here privately. Make sure to check ” Set as private reply (Only you and moderators will see the content of this post)” above Submit button


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    If you only updated the JS folder you will need to also update the WooCommerce integration from the theme files. The JS folder fixes the 3.6 javascript issues but the other updates are for WooCommerce to bring the theme up to the recent changes.

    Best regards,


    thanks that fixed that issue but has brought on a host of others such as a pa_… being shown on variable products

    im going to just update the theme files completly, on a child theme, if i copied the config-woocommerce to the child theme would that allow me to add additional code/make changes without affecting the main theme but overridding main theme settings



    Updating to the latest version of the theme replaced all of my custom configuration set in Replete > Theme layout and everything basically, is it because i renamed this to FGC?

    (thus when uploading your latest version the FGC never existed so REPLETE with default settings was used?

    How can i extract all of my customisation made under that tab to the new version?


    You can just rename the theme folder to what you had before and it will then pull from the same theme settings.


    I did that i dont think thats it,

    you know under wordpress dashboard you have the tab “Replete”

    i renamed that in the theme files, (not just the theme folder), and now when i upload the latest version of the theme, that (under wordpress dashboard) becomes “replete” and all settings go to default?

    I wonder if i renamed it to FGC (what it currently is) before i upload the updated theme it wouldnt do it? but cant remember where i changed that :/

    so sorry about this,



    You can change the theme name in style.css.

    Best regards,

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