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    I’m trying to list posts in a per-year archive listing in the Coherence theme using the %year% parameter in permalinks.

    Example, view these pages:

    This isn’t working:

    This is what I want:

    Does anyone know which Coherence PHP file and what code snippet(s) I’d need to modify to enable year-based archive listing of posts in the Coherence theme?

    Thank you.


    Hi bradpennock,

    I think you might actually need to use:





    My permalink structure is /%category%/%year%/%postname%/

    So I think that is set up correctly.

    What isn’t working is when I remove the post name part of the URL to expose just the URL/category/year/ the Coherence theme isn’t showing a nice listing of posts for that year. It shows an error, like on this page:

    Whereas I CAN see a nice listing of posts for each year on another web site I developed, like on this other web site:

    What I am looking for is if the Coherence theme CAN support year-based listings of posts in the way I have described… and if so, what code would I need to add to which PHP pages to make it work?


    Ah, thank you… I just found that Coherence does let me view year-based listings of posts via the Domain/Year/Month/Postname permalink structure… instead of the Domain/Category/Year/Postname structure I was hoping for.

    While this is not exactly what I wanted, it is close enough.

    Thank you, Devin.



    Sometimes you need to redo the steps when changing permalinks to make it work.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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