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    Got in contact with the host – they turned of the PHP cache. My site was responding pretty slow at entry. Perhaps i got a little to many big files. Saw another post form you regarding CDN and “WT3C” plug ins.

    But i´m not sure how to apply or what to do with this:


    Deactivate and uninstall any other caching plugin you may be using (Done). Pay special attention if you have customized the rewrite rules for fancy permalinks, have previously installed a caching plugin or have any browser caching rules (got none) as W3TC will automate management of all best practices.

    How to do This>>

    Also make sure wp-content/ and wp-content/uploads/ (temporarily) have 777 permissions before proceeding, e.g. in the terminal: # chmod 777 /var/www/vhosts/ using your web hosting control panel or your FTP / SSH account.

    Login as an administrator to your WordPress Admin account. Using the “Add New” menu option under the “Plugins” section of the navigation, you can either search for: w3 total cache or if you’ve downloaded the plugin already, click the “Upload” link, find the .zip file you download and then click “Install Now”. Or you can unzip and FTP upload the plugin to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/). In either case, when done wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/ should exist.

    Locate and activate the plugin on the “Plugins” page. Page caching will automatically be running in basic mode. Set the permissions of wp-content and wp-content/uploads back to 755, e.g. in the terminal: # chmod 755 /var/www/vhosts/



    All those things you are describing the chmod permissions 777 etc., are for security and have nothing to do with speed optimization.

    First thing you gotta do is find out what the problem is. For that you need to go here >. This is created by a Google engineer as a free service. You measure your site from where you figure your customers / target visitors are coming from. And then you will be shown how quick you are and how quick your site would be if you were fully optimized.

    Your goal is to have 3 seconds per page and the easiest way to get a huge boost is by first fiddling with your .htaccess file. Read this (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -header-php-htaccess/ and add all those things to your .htaccess file (there is an htaccess editor wordpress plugin).

    Then you can deal with cdn, but even if you do a poor man’s cdn, (get 4 subdomains on your domain pointing back to your main domain so you would have point to and this way you would put all your css on cd1 , all your images on cd2 and all your javascript on cd3. Even though everything still remains on your one hosting account, the browser is fooled into thinking you are serving files of 4 separate domains and starts downloading simultaneously of all 4 even though in reality its all one domain.



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