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    in Theme Options I have build a custom category sidebar that shows only on that category-page. It works fine. But there is an issue that if I do a new post on this category, the home (main) page will display this special sidebar (category-sidebar) instead the normal main sidebar.

    This issue appears only if the post in the category is newer as the newest post on the blog (main) page. In the Mainpage Options I have choose Exclude Categories for this specific category. Posts from the category are not showing on main, what is correct, but the cat-sidebar is showing there.

    Trying to fix this with the Widget Displayed Everywhere brings no solution.

    What can I do? Thanks for support.


    No Support here?



    sorry – obviously we missed your post. You can bump it after 24h so you’ll get a quicker answer in this case :)

    Please try to use: and as condition enter:

    !is_home() || !is_front_page()


    Thanks for answer. Can I type in the condition directly into a template (without a plugin)?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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