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    Just as it says. I’m using the WooCommerce product feed: to feed Facebook and Twitter. But the Propulsion theme seems to be screwing up the image for each product in the RSS feed. Here’s a screenshot showing what Feedly sees vs the actual product:

    I assume this is because the theme doesn’t use the built in Featured Image for the product. Is there a way for us to fix this? Or is it just a bug in the theme that needs updated?


    I viewed your feed with Chrome and I couldn’t see any images at all. If you want to add the first image of the slideshow to the rss feed use this code: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -feed#post-63646


    Well I’m not sure where Feedly’s pulling it from. I didn’t read the raw RSS feed to check. I just knew it wasn’t pulling the correct images.

    That’s a cool fix and we’ll implement it, but why isn’t it just built-in to the theme itself? Seems like an obvious feature to include. I mostly ask because I don’t want to loose it when we update the theme.


    Hi FiddlerStudios,

    Its not a feature that everyone typically wants and its easy enough to add in as needed with a function. If you didn’t want to lose it with a theme update you could use a child theme which has its own functions.php file or use a plugin that will let you load in a secondary functions file.




    There’s a lot of features in this theme that “not everybody wants.” Just seems like it’s something that should be built in.

    Regardless, we tried putting it in a plugin and it’s not working. Could you explain “let you load in a 2ndary functions file”? I assume that means a normal plugin won’t do it?



    Devin means that you can create a child theme then place Dude’s fix on the child theme’s functions.php to avoid losing it whenever you update the theme.




    Okay, but loading a child theme at this point means we have to redo all the theme’s settings in the child theme. Is there a way to accomplish this with a plugin?


    You can either write it into a plugin as a single file plugin or use a plugin that allows you to add in php code similar to how a child theme would. I don’t know of any off hand but I imagine there would be something available out there for it. If not, as I said you could just write a plugin.

    Since most users who are asking for code aren’t really comfortable writing a plugin from scratch we typically don’t recommend it and instead ask that you just add it to your functions.php.

    The reality is that just about every how-to, fix, code addition etc for themes is going to ask you to add code to your functions.php file because that is what its there for. Its pretty simple to either keep a backup of that file or just a section of it so that you can re-add it in after a theme update.




    Yeah, it is pretty simple, if you’re managing 1 site. We manage over 50 sites and growing weekly. If we have to remember to do that for every theme update on every site, it adds up.

    I think we got it working as a plugin now though. Thanks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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