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    thank you for a great theme.

    I’m trying to implement WPTouch Pro mobile/iPhone support, however, the shortcodes keep appearing in plain text. Is there any way to filter these out or make them compatible with the mobile version?



    as an addition, WPTouch calls for adding the theme functions as a plugin. Is that possible, following their instructions? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wptouch-pro



    the framework of Broadscope is very complex and it’s not easily possible to make the shortcodes WPTouch compatible if they don’t work out of the box.


    I thought I could offer a little insight on this topic. I hope it helps someone, as I’ve noticed several threads where people are having problems with mobile display and wpTouch in particular. I have a site developed in Cubit Theme, and probably migrating over into Broadscope (not sure, it’s hard to let go of a design when it’s working and looks good). Cubit looked pretty darn good on an iPhone, but I felt it needed to be pared down for mobile users.

    I originally installed wpTouch and quickly upgraded to wpTouch Pro for more control over the theme design. I was very disappointed and frustrated. It never entered my mind, to expect the desktop theme to be responsible for the mobile plugin’s output . No matter how much I troubleshooting I did, my wpTouch site remained a sloppy mess.

    This week, I decided it was WAY more information than anyone would want to look at on their cell phone anyway. They don’t need my entire website on their cellphone, just a few key features. I opted for a quick fix, which I’m so satisified with, that I may just leave it this way permanently. I know it is not at all cutting edge, it doesn’t resize itself to every possible screen size, but it will ALWAYS display, just as I want it to. For now, that’s good enough for me. It’s better than the alternative!

    I’m going to paste in something I wrote to the author of this simple mobile page design (on theme forest). Not sure.. am I allowed to post the link to the TF item? Is it ok?

    It’s very simple, and my cubit slider looks really cute in this little mini version! It was quick and easy to make it make match my cubit website.

    Eventually I will probably alter the layout, or switch to a more flexible page width in the future, but hey for six bucks, this was a great bargain that was a quick solution for me. It works!

    I had already spent $39 on a plugin call wpTouch Pro, which is a mobile theme that duplicates the entire site into a mobile version. For all the hype around this plugin, it’s really a tremendous pain and seems to have many unresolved conflicts. It was way more than I needed for the mobile site. I purchased this item because it offered a few concise pages of information, easily controlled with html … and looked so much better doing it.

    When I went to switch mobile solutions, I discovered that most all other wp plugins were more complicated than I needed. Most want the user to choose an alternate wp plugin, and won’t let us simply specify a sub-folder or non-wordpress page. Dreamweaver CS5 has a built-in feature to add a media query script. But it’s complicated and intimidating. I didn’t want to mess up my site.

    I finally took a chance and added a simple plugin called “Mobile Domain.” (from within the wp-admin plugins page)

    Here’s how it works: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    I may try adding some additional code to get the plugin’s mobile/desktop switcher feature to work with your little html page layout, by doing the following….(because the pages are just html/php, not wordpress pages … you need to get the plugin to understand where the footer is)…

    desktop-view link in the mobile version?

    if you want to use it, add wp_footer(); function into your footer.php before the end of body tag.


    I’m not sure it’s clear in my long confusing post: T

    1. The TF Product Promo Mobile Theme is a 5 page HTML/CSS Template sized for 320 width display. It has a little mini nivo slider that makes the page slightly reminiscent of several Kreisi themes.

    That’s why I think it’s worth mentioning here; to people getting frustrated with word press mobile themes they are trying to make work.

    IT’S NOT A WORD PRESS THEME. It’s just a 5 page site layout , with a couple of cool mini-sized javacript features.

    2. The “Mobile Domain” plugin is a wordpress plugin. It is completely independent of the TF item above. This plugin puts some code in the header of your wp pages, to detect if the viewer is mobile user. If so, it redirects them to the subdomain that you have specified in the plugin.

    It’s a wordpress plugin, but not a wordpress theme. In fact, it WON’T redirect to wordpress mobile theme! It will only point to a specific directory in your domain such as:

    where you have set up pages custom formatted for mobile browsers.

    Disclaimer: YES, I know there may be issues with Google about redirects and duplicate content. I plan to look into that. And I know there are ways you can clear it up in Google’s Webmaster tools etc. to demonstrate that you are not playing seo games.



    thanks for providing your solution :)

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