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    hello guys,

    just to be shure, it seems like the template builder create a template for each laguage separetely.

    Do you plan to create some master function that will copy the templates between the languages?

    Thank for reply



    Yes, you need to create the templates for each language. The reason is that all static texts (like hard coded quotes, headlines, etc.) will not be translatable if the template builder uses the same template for all languages. At the moment we have no plans to add a “duplicate template” function to the theme code.


    This is something I was going to post an inquiry about but found this thread….

    Can you give me a brief explanation on the proper way to “create/copy” my English version of the template for each language?

    I’m going to be using quite a few languages and I’m suddenly extremely nervous about how to do this and have it work for each language :/

    :/ nervous


    Hi pcprincess77,

    There isn’t currently a way or planned to be one to copy the templates from your english version to other languages. Each template will need to be re-made for each language.




    Can you clarify this just a tad for me?

    I’m just pulling my head out of graphic hell…I tend to do things the hard way before I finally discover the easy solution to things so for this particular topic I’m going to try and save myself from going bonkers and just ask you some questions that I hope make sense :)

    1) You used the phrase “each template will need to be re-made for each language”

    That is frightening to me considering the number of different languages I’ll be using in addition to the fact that I have over 13000 products most of which should have corresponding images in my imported catalog file.

    When you say “Re-made” what exactly does that entail?

    2) The Woocommerce shop pages, catalog and products – will I need to “re-make” all of the woocommerce pages, catalog, products, images, tags, categories etc..?

    I may be getting ahead of myself here so for the moment I’ll stop and see what your reply is to the 2 questions above before adding other questions that may be (hopefully are) addressed in your response

    Thx :)


    1) Each language has its own set of theme options and template builder templates. So when you switch to say Spanish you would have to re-create the Frontpage template for the spanish language.

    2) The products will not need to be re-made.


    Is there a way to duplicate all my pages without having to manually re-create them, then just create and assign “Frontpage-IT, Frontpage-SP, Frontpage-ETC…ETC…”

    Seems quite tedious especially having purchased WPML to do the translations

    Perhaps I’m missing something but if the Theme is “WPML Ready and Internationalized”

    “Translation ready + WPML plugin ready: WPML Plugin, in case your business needs a multi language site”

    My take from this was that it would be more streamlined and more of an automated click to translate theme.

    Again, I am just diving into the WPML aspect so I could be over thinking the process, which I hope is the case :/


    When you translate a site, you are doing a manual translation via the mo/po files. You are just doing the exact same thing with the other content on your site.


    I had to deactivate the WPML string translator. It was causing my admin functions to be inaccessible and similar to a timeout issue but instead of timing out the page would go blank.

    I used the developer console to see if I could narrow down what was happening and once I deactivated the string translator everything went back to properly functioning.

    I’m looking into this on the WPML forums as it is not an issue with the theme. Just wanted to share this while I find a fix in case anyone else has experienced a similar issue.

    I’ll repost when I find the solution



    Hopefully they can fix the issue.

    Best regards,




    Out of curiosity, I know the woocommerce and WPML plugins are not supported in this forum because they are purchased add-ons, but I was wondering if you’ve had a lot of posts/members post about issues with woocommerce product import suite and the string translation plugin for WPML bogging the site down?



    We may not support those plugins but we know them quite well since a good number of people use either one or the other and sometimes both of those plugins. I am trying to think but I can’t say I have encountered any complaints specifically about WPML / Woo-commerce bogging any sites down. I believe there are a number of settings in the back-end of WPML that explicitly say that they will slow the site down , especially the text strings discovery and the ID matching. Why? You are all bogged down with the site slower than molasses on north pole?



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