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    I have purchased now the WPML plugin to translate my website from German to English.

    All works fine except for the home page.

    At “home” it shows only the slider and its thumbnails, but not the tabs, texts etc. as you can for example see at the demo site:

    “why Avisio” … “Flexibly frontpage” etc.

    What can I do, to get the English version of the frontpage to work?



    German version with content below the slider:

    English version: no content below the slider:

    Any ideas, for example some hard coding of theme files? I’m not so familiar with PHP …



    By the way:

    as theme developer, you get a free subscription to WPML, if you work together with them and your theme :-)




    I’m sorry but Avisio doesn’t support WPML out of the box and I’m not aware of any updates regarding WPML support. An user here: offers to make it compatible for a freelancer fee.


    Thanks, but this isn’t a help; I won’t contact and pay any persons, that I don’t know!

    I had paid for the theme and for the plugin – and in plugin forum they told me, that this is an issue of the theme.

    Anyway …

    I’m rather disappointed and cannot believe, that profs don’t know a solution!

    I’m really not very familiar with PHP – but after spending some hours of searching within the theme files, I found out that the solution is extremely simple:

    just delete the mainpage code from index.php and put there your desired text. The code for translation is just a short string, you’ll get from the WPML forum.

    To easy for profs?


    No but as far as I know the portfolio and the slider aren’t compatible too. Another point is that it’s not a “real solution” but a workaround (breaks the mainpage options, etc.)


    Dear Dude,

    I understand that I cannot ask you to put a great deal of energy into getting Avisio to support any one particular plugin when there are so many plugins out there, and I know that you and Kriesi are already extremely busy helping people manage the basic functionality of the theme. With this in mind, could you, rather than getting involved in the nuts and bolts of the plugin itself, instead provide PHP code in which the tabs on the homepage are disregarded altogether, and in which- for the sake of simplicity- the code just calls up a page’s title and content based for instance on that page’s WordPress page ID, hard wired into the index.php file? That alone would be great. The original code in question which governs the tabs is here:

    In place of that code above, could you please provide simple code that says “never mind the tabs, just display the title and content of this one page, whose ID is 123”? While the tabs and mainpage options functionality would be lost, a hard coded but very simple PHP workaround would at least have the virtue of allowing me to use the Avisio theme (my favorite Kriesi theme- I am also the very happy owner of Twicet and Display). I would really appreciate this-

    Thank you-



    Hey Philippe,

    I’m sorry that you feel we don’t currently have a solution to using WPML – as you’ve acknowledged already we can’t cater to the requirements of individual plugins because it would take far to much time and potentially cause all sorts of problems.

    The theme was designed to be as easy as possible for users who each have their own preferences and requirements, and as such the homepage has a number of options which run through a complex set of code to display.

    That being said, I didn’t know that WPML offered a free option to plugin and theme developers; I’ll ask them to set us up an account so we can look into making themes compatible – please note this isn’t a promise that compatibility will be added, nor any timescale for doing so.


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