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    I have a frontpage in Spanish working perfectly with a custom dynamic layout.

    I have created another dynamic template for another language but the changes are not saving in this language page.

    I choose in the layout block “Dynamic template” and then my custom layout but when I save the page it changes to Default.

    Thanks in advance!!



    It works perfectly in Spanish and English but not in Basque…..



    I noticed that is not only dynamic layout changes……all changes about template in the page are not saving in Basque…..


    Last conclusion…..

    When I create a page from the begining, I can save theme options and layout in the page.

    But not in traslation pages…..

    I am desesperate…..



    This only affects templates, and everything works fine if you translate a regular post or regular page without assigning a dynamic template?

    Do you Coherence ES / Coherence EN / etc… When you are in the backend to make sure you are adding Spanish templates/pages where ES is shown?

    Are you correctly linking the two languages together?

    Are you creating one set of dynamic templates for Spanish, and a completely separate set for Basque?

    This is a bit basic, just to make sure use are using the different language backends correctly –

    Are you using 2 WPML plugins ( sitepress-multilingual-cms.2.6.0 , wpml-string-translation). please read more here, some other things I do troubleshooting WPML (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wpml#post-79635



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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