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    how can i get the same layout settings (sidebar widgets & slideshows) on my translated pages?

    i cannot see the translated pages in the dropdown box when i want to add a sidebar in the theme settings?



    Did you create the pages or duplicated it on the current language? If you have English and Spanish language for example, you need to create the pages for each language.





    i suppose you mean create the translations?


    i checked multiple posts about WPML and it’s quite confusing. I read that if I use 2 languages I should have the option to choose between 2 Angular themes templates. in my dashboard that’s not the case – and if for example i want to create an additional widget area i cannot see/select the translated page that has been created by WPML?


    As soon as WPML is activated the theme will use separate options and templates for each language. The advantage is that you’ve full control over all options (you can use different portfolio pages for each language, you can use a different logo, you can set different widget areas, etc.) but the drawback is that you need to configure everything for each language. Use the language selector on the admin screen to switch from one language to another. You’ll notice that the “Angular” menu item (admin page) changes the name based on the current language (eg to Angular (EN) or Angular (DE), etc.). Select a language and go to Angular (XX) > Theme Options and configure all options for the language XX. Then switch to YY and go to Angular (YY) > Theme Options to configure the options for YY. Repeat this process for each language. Then you can start to create your custom template for language XX. Go to Angular (XX) > Template Builder and create your template(s) for XX. Then save the template, switch to language YY and create your template(s) for language YY, etc.

    If you can’t find certain pages in the dropdown you probably forgot to create a translated version of these pages.


    OK I understand – but in my case the “Angular” menu item (admin page) did not change the name based on the current language (eg to Angular (EN)



    Please download the latest Angular version.

    You should have something like this




    hi Ismael,

    I work with v 1.1.1 so this might explain the issue i had.

    where can i download this new version?


    hi Ismael,

    i downloaded the thema from ThemeForest but i get this error when trying to install it:



    Two solutions:

    1) Unzip the zip file you downloaded from themeforest.ner and in the uncompressed folder you’ll find another zip file called angular.zip – you must upload/select this file and install it with the wordpress uploader

    2) Or go to themeforest.net and download the “installable files”. Then select this installable file and install it with the wordpress uploader.


    Hi, this is not working either – see screenshot: http://www.clipular.com/c?9102018=6FGZ7Wlem0ZRPWUi4NjF2OP-t8A&f=.png



    You should probably upload the new theme files via FTP or your cpanel. Please watch this video, this is Enfold theme but basically the same process.





Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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