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    This issue: WPML language selector causes duplicated single productpage – exists on the site http://www.konyvmanufaktura.hu for 4 month. My topic about it has been closed, so I have to reopen it. Now I have made a development site, to help you to examine the issues:

    Issue 1.

    When I switch on the WPML language selector in the My Account menu and I go to single product view (in the magyar pages), it duplicates the page content. It means I see the same product description two times on the same page under each other. However this is only true to single product view, everything stays okay on other pages (group of products, all products etc).

    I’ve checked the language selector menu in 3 positions:

    1.-In the Header Menu, same, it duplicates contents

    2.-In the My Account menu, again it duplicates content

    3.-In the footer it works fine, but it’s not the right place for it (issue 2 and 3 still occur)

    I use WPML, and I tried it with woocommerce 1.6.3 patched, and woocommerce, but it duplicates content.

    Issue 2.

    I deactivated all the other plugins besides woocommerce and WPML, but the 1. issue is still there. After I activated all the plugins again, it generated a new issue which I havent seen before:

    In menus (wordpress) the Primary Menu for both languages cant be saved. Only for one language.

    a) When I save the Primary Menu for hungarian language, the english page gets the hungarian main menu as well.

    b) When I save the Primary Menu in english, the hungarian page gets the english Primary Menu as well.

    When I tried to save the english menu in the Main Menu (Primary Menu) it changed the hungarian main menu too to english, and when I saved the hungarian Main Menu it changed the english to Hungarian. Back and forth. Both languages have the same primary menu while the Secondary Menu works correctly. So literally on the Admin side I can see that it does not let me save the Main Menu in both languages but only in One.

    Issue 3.

    When I try to create a product in the second language, I edit the product page, make the translation, press the blue + sign. The product in the second language will be visible on the shop overwiew page, its OK. But when I click on the product, the single product page link breaks. The broken page (second language product) link looks like this on the admin page: http://konyvmanufaktura.hu/en/automatikus-vazlat-3/notebooks/neske-notebook-awaiting/




    Ok, now that you have the dev site setup, the first thing you would need to do is update the (a) your theme to current version (b) the 19 outdated plugins (c) update all WPML plugins to current version including the menu synchronization WPML plugin (d) Install the WPML recommended version of WooCommerce (url found here http://wpml.org/documentation/related-projects/woocommerce-multilingual/ ) . (e) deactivate every single plugin except (the 5 WPML plugins) and the one woocommerce plugin from above link) . When you are at that point, please let us know so we can start working on this.





    the dev site is empty at the moment, you have written me that you will make the copy if the original site: You have written me:

    Well, You got a lot of files that gotta be moved. Doing now. We need to make a 100% identical copy of your live server on the dev server or otherwise its a waste of time. It should take a few hours probably since the host wont let us zip it, lol, one file at a time. Hopefully we will see something in a few hours.

    This was on 1. of March. Sorry but I cant do it, my knowledge is not enough for moving the whole site on the dev site. Please help me!



    Hey McGawain,

    If you need to make a Development site to test updates and plugin issue because you aren’t able to make the changes on the live site you will need to do that part yourself.

    We can usually go pretty far to help fix issues but that is a bit much. There are some places like Codeable.io to hire freelance developers if you aren’t comfortable making backups and updating plugins/theme files/database on your own.



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