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    Unbelievable that i have to pay $79 annually so i have the connivance of copying featured media to the translation. While most great WP plugins like Yoast Seo are free and we have WPML vultures :(


    OK screw the copying featured media with one click i will not pay another $79 for that bullshit.

    So what seem to be the issue i cant add featured media even manually to the second language when add em after saving they are gone (all featured images are gone) so at the moment i can only have featured media in the English section the German section has one Image for each entry


    Well, it’s only $7 a month ($6.5 really). That’s not so much, and you do get support. It was never going to be free because it’s such a complicated plugin. The issue I have is that it’s not actually working. But hopefully Nick has sorted it.

    I don’t use the blog version so I don’t know what features it has. I would assume it would translate images over also, otherwise I don’t know what is translating. Maybe they have a forum for that version you can rant on!



    I think we can set those variables without needing that plugin after all. Please find a file called wpml-config.xml which is in the base folder of the theme.

    Please find lines 8 and 9 which look like


    and paste the code below *between* lines 8 and 9

    <custom-field action="2">_avia_elements_avia_options_brightbox</custom-field>
    <custom-field action="0">_avia_elements_theme_compatibility_mode</custom-field>
    <custom-field action="1">_thumbnail_id</custom-field>
    <custom-field action="2">_wpml_media_duplicate</custom-field>
    <custom-field action="1">_wpml_media_featured</custom-field>




    You cheat! ;O)


    OK nick did what you said, what should i look out for now ? (by the way it was not 8 and 9 more like 14 – 15)



    <custom-field action=”2″>_avia_elements_avia_options_brightbox</custom-field>

    <custom-field action=”0″>_avia_elements_theme_compatibility_mode</custom-field>

    <custom-field action=”1″>_thumbnail_id</custom-field>

    <custom-field action=”2″>_wpml_media_duplicate</custom-field>

    <custom-field action=”1″>_wpml_media_featured</custom-field>





    I am quite certain its lines 8 and 9. These are the first 10 lines of that file

    <custom-type translate="0">avia_framework_post</custom-type>
    <custom-type translate="1">portfolio</custom-type>
    <taxonomy translate="1">portfolio_entries</taxonomy>
    <key name="icl_lang_sel_config">

    If you have something else, please go to and download the latest version of the theme and update it using ftp . please be aware that it will overwrite any of your customization, so make sure to make a backup first.




    Ok nick updated everything also the wpml-config file what next


    Hi Nick

    After the updating theme with FTP the uploading issue got resolved, so now is there any way to Duplicate the featured images :). Im not sure how the wpml-config update will do the trick that why


    Hey Nick,

    Those new settings don’t work for me. Same problem as before I’m afraid.





    Try this process both of you.

    1) Create page in translation language first

    2) Create page in main language.

    3) Do not use duplicate

    4) Link from Translation language to Main language.




    Still would this help to copy featured media from posts that we already published ?


    I got this email from the WPML staff

    After having a look at the screenshots/posts, we came to the conclusion that the best solution would be that we invite the author for a closer cooperation to make the theme fully “WPML compatible”.

    Normally there should be no problem when duplicating the posts for translations that the featured image is “copied along” – either WPML version, Blog or CMS.

    However, the featured images you are dealing with are featured images from the *theme* –>

    We are contacting the author now. Once he answers us we will start working on making the theme compatible with WPML. Based on our experience “quick fixes” take in effect longer than working together with the theme author and address all issues at once. Its also much more “future-proof”, no fixes are overwritten with theme updates.

    We are closing the ticket but we will keep it in our records and once the theme is compatible with WPML we will notify you.

    Best regards,


    By OnTheGoSystems


    Something new related to the issue i guess

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/bps/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/translation-management/translation-management.class.php on line 1938

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/bps/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/translation-management/translation-management.class.php:1938) in /home/bps/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876


    The WPML guys fixed some code in my framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php file also. It resolved the mouseover problem I had with translations, but there are still others relating to the image settings in the dashboard. From your post it seems like they want to talk to Kriesi about making Shoutbox more compatible.

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to post the code. This comment box messes it up.



    Im in a bad situation for some strange reason i cant set more than one featured image in the translated language, even that image can only be saved in the small size for the featured slider :(


    Is this going to be the longest Shoutbox topic ever? haha

    Nick told me yesterday there was a new framework out, but I don’t know what he meant. Maybe Kriesi is updating Shoutbox again – it could be that it’s not compatible with the new WPML updates yet.



    Please make a backup and then open up /framework/php/functions-set-avia-frontend.php and find line 614 which looks like

    return $url;

    and after deleting the code above, please paste the line below in its place

    return "<a href='".get_permalink($post_id)." $attr >".$inside."</a>";




    The code made it possible to save medium sized but not more than 1 image in the translated language




    So you can add them manually to the translation but you cant auto-copy the second image into the translation?




    Hi Nick

    Nope i cant set more than one image manually in the second language (when i set few featured images after saving em it reverts to one image).



    Hi Nick

    I think you meant page duplicate tool its not best solution for me since i cant do it for the published pages, In my case all the images in the second language disappeared leaving one featured image for each entry in small size. If this auto copy was working it would have been a great solution for me bus sadly i dont see any of that options visible (according to WPML staff i should have the ability do the auto copy)




    I am taking a second look with this specific issue. I have a few more ideas we can try. But it wouldn’t hurt if you would ask the plugin support to give their assessment or suggestions as well to move things along.




    Im still waiting on he WPML guys. They fixed the mouseover problem I had (the code that Nick posted above), but not the ability to change avia settings (sideshow etc) which still doesn’t work after translating.

    But about a week ago even the mouseover problem came back so something is still broken. I checked an old back up from about December and the problem was there also, so it’s been lurking between for a while. I still have no idea which update (WP, WPML or Shoutbox) is causing the problems.




    Guys, haven’t forgotten about you. I been playing with the copy/translate/none variable settings since I am still convinced that something is being given a setting of none/ignore instead of copy.Please bear with me.




    Ok, thanks Nick!



    Please reopen a ticket with them. I searched through their forums and though there are multiple inquiries about this same issue (with different themes) , none of them seem to be resolved where any kind of answer is given. They fix it somehow but keep the secret of how its done. I spent hours on it last weekend till I had to stop for health reasons (lol) and I will take a day or two away from this issue. I do have an idea though of another approach to this. Hang in there, but nudge them as well since this isn’t just an issue with this theme or framework. There are quite a few recent posts with similar symptoms.




    Ok, thanks Nick. I appreciate all your help on this.

    If, as you say, there are various complaints on their forum (I didn’t check), then it sounds like something changed in a recent update from them. I might go back to an old back up (pre xmas) I have and use the older WPML plugins when it seemed to be working until this is sorted out. I’ll try and load up an old copy of my site onto a new test site and see which combination was working.


    **I had a quick look and there do seem to be some issues on their forums with elements not being copied over etc. But I’m not sure if they are the same issues I’m having. In a couple of responses I’ve seen them mention having to contact the theme creators to resolve the issue, which seems to suggest they have altered something recently in the way WPML works. I know Harshad altered some code in the Shoutbox Avia Framework for me (you posted it above), but it didn’t stop the slideshow settings being locked out in the translations.


    Ok, I’ve been in my time machine all afternoon!

    I set up a site from a backup I created in November 2012. This site works a far as WPML translations go, but it was before you (Nick) set up WPML properly, so that factor could be important. It doesn’t have the WPML config files in the WordPress root. I also wasn’t using the WPML CMS Nav plugin (I don’t even know what it does).

    It’s running on Shoutbox 1.2

    The plugins I had on that old working site are:

    WPML Multilingual CMS 2.6.0

    Latest 2.7.1

    WPML Sticky Links 1.2.0

    Latest 1.2.1

    WPML Media 1.1.0

    Latest 1.2.3

    WPML String Translation 1.4.0

    Latest 1.6.1

    WPML Translation Management 1.3.1

    Latest 1.5.0

    I noticed something unusual in the ‘WPML/Translation Management/Multilingual Content Setup’ tab of the old working site. Right at the bottom is a panel titled ‘Custom Posts’. Inside it is a variable called ‘Avia Framework’ which can be set to Translate or Nothing. It’s set to Translate. This panel doesn’t appear in the current site I have. It looks like sometime after November, WPML changed something that removes it (unless it’s due to my WPML being set up wrongly at this time)

    All the variables in that big panel ‘Custom Fields Translation’ in the old working site are unset. It’s not possible to unset them in the later site that doesn’t work.

    I’m going to try putting the old plugins back into a clone of the non-working site later and see if it makes any difference. I’m not even sure if I can do it, but I’ll see what I can do and report back.

    As I said above, the biggest visible change in the WPML dashboard seems to be the absence now of that ‘Avia Framework’ variable, which might be what’s stopping the avia settings from being carried over.



    Same old bullshit :O(

    Changing the plugins made no difference and that ‘Avia framework’ thing didn’t show up, which means it must be affected by the WPML config files, or some difference between Shoutbox 1.2 and Shoutbox 1.3 (- which this clone of the live site is running on).

    Changing those stupid ‘Custom Field Translation’ settings makes no difference either. Something is overriding them I think.

    Seems like the only way to get this shit working is to set up WPML wrong, like I had it back in November.

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