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    I tried qtranslator and it had some issues with a styling so decided buy the WPML plugin and when i bought it it seems theme has issues with both of these translators the styling is really awkward it would great if you guys can give some help with this



    please elaborate – what styling problems do you experience? Do you use the language selector widget?


    For example language selector widget on your site that’s how i want want it to be displayed but when i enable the flags the styles of the widget goes completely weird. I enabled the widget with a the flags now you can see for your self


    Add following code to css/custom.css:

    .icl_languages_selector a img, .icl_languages_selector a:hover img{
    display: inline !important;


    Thanks for the info that worked. Is there a way to have just the flags on the top header before social icons


    Is there a way to have just the language flags on the sub menu header before social icons


    You can use following code to position the language selector:

    position: absolute;
    top: 0px;
    left: 20px;

    Change the top/left value to your needs.

    2) Please ask the WPML support staff if you can remove the text next to the flags. I’m not aware of a hook or something similiar but I’m not familiar with the WPML code.


    Hey Art (or Dude, if you know…),

    How easy is WPML to use? I need to put my site into a second language too.

    How much of the translation do you have to do yourself, and does it translate the all details of the theme or just the general WP areas?



    WPML will change the WP language settings for the website visitor. I.e. if I switch to German (and in the backend the standard language is English) all default WordPress text strings and all plugin outputs, etc (which offer German language files) will display German text too. If the plugins don’t offer the right text files ( the text will appear in English. WPML won’t translate these text strings “automatically”. You need to translate posts/pages/menus, etc. too. Widgets can be a pain – i.e. you need to use the “widget logic” plugin if you’d like to translate text widgets.

    I really like WPML but it won’t help you with the translation directly but just “switch” the language. It has some problems with custom post types and “advanced” plugins (ecommerce plugins, membership plugins, etc.). I have the feeling that it slows down the system quite a bit too (I.e. my website now loads 0,5-1s slower than before). Configuration is easy; however subdomain setups can cause some troubles. Overall it’s very stable though. I prefer it (compared to qtranslate) because the dev team + support is just better and bigger (as far as I know qtranslate is an one man show).


    OK sounds interesting.

    I have mine in Spanglish!, ie Spanish content over an English WP base. The idea would be to switch to a version with all English content too – which is easy for me to translate. I’m not too worried about every single detail being in Spanish, most of the internet is based on English and people are used to certain words being the default for various aspects even if they don’t understand what the literal translation is (home, internet, download etc etc). If I can switch all the content just by clicking a little flag, (after translating the data obviously) then it sounds like a much better option than creating another site (which is essentially what it is).

    Things like Paypal links might be trickier because I’d have to redirect them to the appropriate Paypal language site, but that’s just fine tuning. I guess I’d have to redo the Gravity Forms I set up too. I have Widget Logic already. It’s pretty good.

    Thanks Dude!



    Yes – I’d also prefer WPML over a seperate wp installation.



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