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    I have read through several responses and tried most of the suggestions but to no avail. I simply cannot get three posted pages to dynamically generate on the home page. All pages that comprise the home page have been translated and the posts are pulling correctly but the pages (designated by a dynamic template) are simply blank. I have tried creating separate dynamic templates for each language but when applied the front page in ALL languages goes haywire and removes the selected pages all together. The “home” dynamic template gets cleared out somehow. Also I do switch my back-end to the appropriate language when trying to edit this homepage. It seems like this is a simple fix but I am stuck.


    Hi msmcomms!

    Please create me an admin account and post the login data as private reply. Please also send me a link to the three pages you’d like to set as home/front pages.

    Best regards,

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    Can anyone please help me with a dynamic template and WPML for my front page? I am able to get current posts to appear correctly. I want to include my top three recent pages but when I select a specific page it will appear in English but not in the other translated languages even though they have been translated. I discovered that if I do not select a page in the dynamic template the most recently added/edited page appears. I have three columns and want the three most recent PAGES (not posts) to appear. I have only been successful in getting one to appear.

    I have been working on this for months now and cannot seem to get it complete. is the website and upon switching languages two of the three pages disappear.



    Please check the login credentials – if I try to log in with the username “dude” I get an error message (ERROR: Invalid username.).
    I think the pages don’t show up because you need to create a separate dynamic template for each language.


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