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    Hi Kriesi

    I bought your fabulous theme and I’m very happy with the purchase, but I have a question that I want to tell before, to buy WPML.

    In your theme says that is compatible with WPML, but I want to Know if the text of the slide, and contact form can also be translated with WPML. I’m testing QTranslete, but does not give me option to translate these texts.

    I want Know what levels of translation allows your theme with WPML before buying it.

    Thank you very much!!



    The way WPML works with the theme, you can translate any page. So you would make a regular contact page, save it, then switch over to another language from the drop down list and create a contact page in that language and then assign the spanish-contact-page to the primary-site-language contact page from a dropdown box located right on the edit page itself.

    The same goes for the slider. Basically you will have a dropdown menu in the backend with whichever languages you want to support, as you switch between languages, you will have to redo everything you did in the original language. So yes, you can have the slider translated into anything you want, or have a completely different layout without a slider . Each and every language can have a completely different page layout linked to the primary language page. This way the theme is aware which pages to display for which specific language.

    I hope that answers your question.






    Thanks Nick!

    I have another question: The category of the portfolios and blog, can be translated with WPML?

    Best regards,




    I just translated category for the blog and portfolio. It’s not difficult, just have to always remember if you are in English or in some other language. Take a look. http://i.imgur.com/bma7Y.png

    The top left arrow is the main control to switch the backend to another language while on the right you pick which English (if that’s the base language) .. which English counterpart to match the new portfolio item to. On the bottom there are also additional options.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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