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    I understood that WPML is compatible with the theme,however when I’ve added the WPML there are a number of problems:

    – The portfolio posts disappear even when the language is set to English.

    – Is the template builder compatible with WPML? When I look, there does not seem to be the option to select a different language template builder.

    Thank you.


    You need to configure all settings (including the dynamic templates) for both languages. I.e. go to Angular > Theme Options and select “English” from the dropdown language switcher at the top. Then configure your settings for the english version of your website (portfolios, logo, contact page, etc.). Save the options and select another language from the dropdown. Now you can configure the settings for the other language. The same workflow will work for your dynamic template configuration too.


    Thank you, Dude.

    I’ve ensured that the theme options are English, that all of the test posts are English and that the Portfolio categories are English.

    Some of the test English content works fine (ie the welcome message), but for the portfolio it still says no post found. Am I missing something?

    Thank you


    And here’s the test link:

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!





    Please create me a wp admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.




    Hi Peter,

    Thank you in advance!

    I’ve sent you my login.




    Hi there,

    Did you receive the email?

    Thank you.



    Yes, unfortunately I couldn’t find any configuration issue too and I forwarded your login credentials to Kriesi.




    Thank you.


    When should I expect a response from Kriesi?



    This link might help

    This is how Nick put it. Basically, you need recreate each page for every language.


    WPML is not the type of plugin that you activate and it takes care of everything else. You need to first set it up and configure it. Also you are aware that there are multiple versions of the plugin (cms & blog) with completely different functionality? Which version are you currently using? Is your site being setup as a blog or a cms?

    Please refer to the

    1) After you activate the plugin, you click the configure link right under its name in the Plugin section of the backend. You select the current language, the languages which you wish to translate into, then you select the language switcher options that suits your website, and click Finish.

    2) Now on top of the backend you see the language dropdown box showing the root language of the site – English lets say, and I selected Spanish as the translation( for this example). You now have two completely different backends in your site which are *independent of one another*, an English and a Spanish. So you first create a home page, or a portfolio page,or any page in English backend and save it. Then you use the language dropdown box on top in the backend to switch to the Spanish version of the backend , and *re-create* or import etc.. the Spanish versions of your English pages. You will notice in the backend the menu link ‘Flagship’ will become ‘Flagship EN’ and will change to ‘Flagship ES’ when you use the dropdown to enter the various versions.

    So, to answer your question. , If you have an English (root) template which you applied to a page you designated as your homepage. you would switch to Spanish (or your language choice) . But you would *NOT* see those templates nor the pages you just made because those are in the ‘English backend’. You would have to recreate them all over in the Spanish version. Then create a new Spanish page, apply the Spanish homepage template to it, and link it to the English home page via the dropdown in the Add Page or Add Post pages.

    If you’ve done all the above, and linked the translated version to the root version of the page and still are not seeing anything, please try re-installing the plugin and do speak to the WPML support staff and I am certain between the two support teams we will get you running smoothly.




    Thank you, but the above response does not help.

    I’ve used WPML before and I’m more than familiar with how it works.

    Peter/Dude also logged into my backend and checked that there was nothing amiss.

    Additionally, WPML is partially compatible (it shows part of the elements on the English page, just not the others).

    I like the theme and have spent a while customizing it, so I do not want to leave it. However, I also bought the theme precisely because it stated that it is WPML compatible.

    Is there anyway you can make direct contact with the developer (Kriesi?) and ask him to make the necessary tweaks? It does partially work.

    Thank you.


    When can I expect Kriesi to respond?



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Like Peter said, we cannot promise a (quick) solution for this. I will tag this thread to Kriesi.




    I appreciate your apology, but I’m not asking for a special customisation. I’m just asking for the theme to work as it has been sold (WPML compatible). Can you email the developer directly? Surely it shouldn’t take too long to fix? The inability of the posts to show is negatively affecting my deadline too.


    Are any of the other themes more compatible? Such as Eunoia? The description on theme forest says:

    **The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the WPML MULTI LANGUAGE plugin, just in case you need it ;) **

    Thank you.


    I sent Kriesi two mails and asked him to look into it. I didn’t get any response yet. You can try to contact him directly by using the contact form:

    That said our themes work with WPML and also the portfolio pages should work just fine.


    Are you using the CMS version of WPML with all the plugins? I had a lot of problems with it until I realised you need the following add ons:

    WPML Media

    WPML Sticky Links

    WPML Translation Management

    WPML String Translation

    The media plugin is important if you are duplicating featured images etc.

    I use Shoutbox and had a lot of problems with WPML and the Template Builder. Basically every time I used the TB under WPML it wouldn’t save the templates and I’d lose everything. I found the only way to make changes was to switch off all the WPML plugins, make the changes and then switch them back on. It may have been resolved now in the updates to the theme, but I still do this procedure just in case.

    WPML is great but it’s tricky to work out at first. Especially translating strings etc


    @rumblefish, thank you SO much. I’ll give all of the plugins a try and report back.

    I appreciate your suggestions :)


    @rumblefish, thank you for your help but alas it didn’t work.

    I hope Kriesi will respond soon.



    Kriesi has been tagged on this thread. He will give us an answer whenever he is available.




    It’s been a week and there’s been no response.

    The theme is sold as being WPML compatible.

    It is really disappointing that the developer has just chosen to ignore the fact that a bug exists with theme.

    I’m not asking for special customisation, I’m asking for the theme to work as promised.


    Hi kizuri,

    Are there any other details you can provide about your installation? Languages used, versions of WPML, WordPress and the theme.

    If you are using any other plugins try disabling them while trying to get this resolved in case something is causing a conflict between the theme, WPML and a third party plugin.

    Many users have been and continue to use WPML with Angular and the other themes so its an issue of trying to identify what specifically in this instance is causing it to not work correctly. Getting more details and make sure there are no other variables will help until Kriesi is available to look at it first hand.




    Hi Devin,

    Dude (form this forum) logged in and saw that there was nothing untoward with the installation or plugins that I was using.

    Clearly, there’s an incompatibility with WPML and it’s really terrible that the developer cannot even be bothered to address this.

    As I mentioned, one of the moderators from this forum has already logged in.

    I’ve sent three emails to the developer; some moderators from this forum have tagged the post for the developer – yet he ignores it.

    Extremely disappointing.


    Hey kizuri,

    I understand you are frustrated, but please understand that many, many people use Angular with WPML already without issue.

    Even Peter, who is the head of support can miss something and its that *something* that we are trying to identify.

    So if there are any other details (wordpress version, theme version, wpml version and language being used etc) it may help in either one of us or eventually Kriesi to identify whats happening.




    Hi kizuri,

    Could you please make a temp admin login/pw for me as well as an ftp login/pw , I spent the weekend testing various scenarios with the 2.61 WPML and i give myself a very EV(+) chance of success. Please send to usjahm (aaattt) gmail (dddooottt) com <—Angular WPML Working Fine



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